Most Powerful New GSX-R150 Beats R15 & CBR150R – Power Figures Revealed

Earlier this month, Suzuki unveiled the new GSX-R150 (and its naked sibling GSX-S150) in Indonesia. In our personal opinion the smaller R looks better and more aggressive than the GSX-R250 and aggressive it is!

Its official power and torque figures were not revealed back then and they are still not to be found at Suzuki’s official website. However, a leaked document shared by reveals what is the most powerful 150 cc among its competition.


The GSX-R150 produces 19.17 PS (14.1 kw) of peak power at 10,500 rpm and 14.0 Nm of maximum torque at 9000 rpm. For your reference, Indonesian Yamaha R15 v2 churns out 16.58 PS (12.2 KW) of power and 14.5 Nm of torque whereas other the chief rival 2016 Honda CBR150R belts out 17.1 PS and 13.7 Nm.

Turning our attention to the Indian versions – the age-old CBR150R produces 18.5 PS of peak power and a segment-least 12.88 Nm of torque and the R15 v2 crushes out 17 PS and 15 Nm here.

So, this is interesting actually! At the one hand they introduced one of the least powerful GSX-R250 (in its segment) and at the other they have launched the most powerful motorcycle in its segment. Suzuki claims the the GSX-R150 can do 8 km/h higher than both the R15 and CBR150R in a flat out drag (distance not mentioned). They also say that the 150cc GSX will be the fastest to the 200 meter mark in a sprint.


This claim is further amplified with the fact that apart from segment-best power figure, GSX-R150 at 126 kg is feather light which lends it a fantastic power to weight ratio. In comparison the Indonesian CBR150R weighs 135 kg and the Yamaha tips the scale at 136 kg.

Here is a quick pictorial depiction of how the GSX-R150 stacks up against the Indonesian and Indian 150 versions of the CBR and R15…

GSX-R150 vs R15 vs CBR150R: Spec Comparo


There is no word about Suzuki considering these sports motorcycles for our Indian market but considering that both its immediate competitors are here, we hope they think about it in the times to come…

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