More Than Half of the Voters Do NOT Like Dominar Name [Poll Results]

A while back BikeAdvice conducted a poll seeking your views on how do you find the name ‘Dominar’ and in essence it also had an underlying question – what do you think about Bajaj’s strategy of forming an absolutely new brand instead of going with the tried and established ‘Pulsar’ brand.

And after these many weeks and close to 1000 votes I believe it is time to talk about the results. So, here are the outcomes..

  • A vast majority – over 66% respondents are not impressed by the name – Dominar! Out of these 650 odd people, 33% or 211 voters say it sounds like Dominos (Pizza)!
  • People voting for Pulsar Cruiser Sports or Kratos/Vantage Sports are surprisingly equal in number – both at about 22 % each. Clearly, the consensus is NOT for the ‘Pulsar’ brand either!
  • However, if all the five options are looked in isolation – the majority of voting ~26% (or 254 people) has gone in favour of the ‘Dominar’ brand and these voters also approve Bajaj’s decision of forming a new brand for the flagship.
  • About 17% (164 voters) pressed the ‘NOTA’ button and said they don’t care 😛 . Basically they appear to be guys who just don’t give a damn to the whole hoopla surrounding Dominar!

Here is the Poll which we conducted…

[poll id=”44″]

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While everything, including the name, has been overshadowed by the shock pricing of the motorcycle, the long-term success of the brand will depend on how are the eventual ownership experiences.

If you want my opinion on this – I would vote for – Bajaj should have gone with the Pulsar Cruiser Sports brand name, but then it hardly matters now 🙂 .

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