More than 50% Sales of Pulsar RS200 & Dominar from ABS Variants

Eric Vas, president of motorcycle business at Bajaj, in an interview with Autocarpro, has revealed that before its introduction many people cautioned them that ‘ABS’ does NOT sell in India (basically people prefer not to pay the extra premium for the safety tech).

However, they noticed that buyers of motorcycles priced over 1 lakh talk a lot about ABS and upon Pulsar RS200’s introduction they were also clueless on how much will it (the ABS version) sell.

The 2017 Pulsar RS200 ABS

He shares his delight in informing that more than 50 percent sales of the RS200 come from the ABS variant. For the Dominar 400, sales of ABS variant are (even) more than the non-ABS version.

Upon being asked about the possible cannibalisation in sales between the Pulsar RS200 and the non-ABS variant of Dominar 400 (since they are placed almost at similar price points), Eric said that they have not seen any drop in sales of Pulsar RS200 after Dominar. He elaborated that according to them, buyers of fully-faired bikes are very different from the ones who buy naked motorcycles. So far, buyer’s profiles of both these motorcycles at dealerships have not clashed.

Dominar ABS variant costs around Rs 15,000 more!

In terms of numbers, Bajaj shipped around 3000 units of Dominar 400 last month, which is their current production capacity. With the increase in number of dealerships and production, they expect the number to rise. Currently, they are shipping the motorcycle to around 80-100 cities (list & prices here).

It is heartening to see buyers spending for safety. If you are planning to buy either of these motorcycles, understand that by paying those few additional thousand bucks you end up riding a safer motorcycle!

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