Xpulse: Cochin Dealership Was Charging 1000 for Test Rides; Hero Swings in Action

Money for test rides is not a new phenomenon but all such dealers should be brought to books as this recent incident highlights…

In a latest update, a ‘misdeed’ of a Hero dealership has come to light. A Team-BHP user Neil.Jericho has iterated his experience with Focuz Biwheelers – an authorised Hero dealership in Cochin. He says that he went to the dealership to take take a test ride of the company’s recently launched Xpulse 200.

Money for Test Rides

However, to his surprise, the showroom staff was compelling him to pay a test ride booking amount of Rs 1000! Upon insistence, the staff asked him to meet the manager, however, he left the dealership and being a proactive community member, complained about the very weird policy of the dealership to Hero MotoCorp.

He adds that Hero jumped into action quite swiftly and accepted the dealership’s fault of collecting money for test rides. The Hero official clarified that the amount that was being taken was towards the booking of the motorcycle! But how can a dealership forcibly ask for money before offering a test ride was the question!

The official, however, assured Neil.Jericho that the company had ‘reprimanded‘ the dealership; he apologised for the act and offered a ‘free’ test ride of Xpulse at his home. After this Neil.Jericho received a call from the GM of the dealership but he was again dissatisfied with the overall conversation and his attitude and again complained about it to the Hero official.

Money for Test Rides
A Cochin based dealership was compelling buyers to pay Rs 1000 before offering test rides of Xpulse 200

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To this, the official assured him of a ‘stringent’ action against the dealership and we hope no dealership takes the customers for a ride again! We applaud the action taken by Neil.Jericho and the response from Hero is also applaudable.

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To reiterate – no dealership can charge you for a test ride and no one can can compel you to ‘book’ a motorcycle (by paying some amount) before offering you a test ride of any two-wheeler! If someone does that, you know what to do now…!