Mojo’s Engine is Lighter than Duke 250’s; 9 Bits Nobody Told You So Far [Exclusive]

If the first half of the year belonged to the Pulsars, the second is wide open and we have a major player here – Mahindra Mojo! After 5+ years of development, the bike is finally set to be launched this month (most probably 16th) and she sure looks a cracker on paper. It is being promoted as a tourer and we will be riding it soon to know how good it is on the long open highways…

Amidst all this we have got hold of Mojo’s service manual which lists all its specifications, including the ones nobody has told you till now…

First the generic specs…

  • Mojo gets a 294.7 cc single cylinder, liquid cooled DOHC engine producing 26.82 bhp of maximum power at 8,000 rpm and 30 Nm of peak torque at 6,000 rpm.
  • Mojo is a bigger motorcycle than the CBR250R. It is 2,100 mm long, 890 mm wide, and has a height of 1,165 mm along with a 1465 mm wheelbase. In comparison, CBR250R is 70 mm smaller, 170 mm narrower and 38 mm shorter.


  • The seat height of Mojo is 815 mm and it has a nice ground clearance of 173.5 mm.
  • Being a tourer, the Mojo is not exactly light and has a kerb weight (with 90 per cent fuel) of 182 kg. The USP of Mojo is its massive 21 litre fuel tank.
  • Mojo gets a multiplate wet clutch and a 6 speed constant mesh gearbox.
  • The front head lamp gets two 35 watt halogen bulbs which are a downer.
  • The engine’s rev counter is at 1,500 (+/- 50) rpm at idle.
  • The alloy wheels are shod with Pirelli Diabolo Rosso 2 tyres – 110/70ZR 17 54 W M/C TL upfront and 150/60 ZR 17 66 W M/C TL at the rear.

Mahindra-Mojo-Specifications (1)

Exclusive Bits on Mojo:

And now a few specs and details BikeAdvice is telling you for the first time..

  • The engine has an 18 degree incline from vertical.
  • The engine itself has a dry weight of just 35 kilos! To give you an idea how light this is, KTM’s new 250 cc mill (based on the Duke 390’s engine) weighs 37.2 kilos.

Mahindra-Mojo-Specifications (3)

  • The bike gets upside down telescopic forks in the front with triple clamps, allowing a front axle travel of 143.5 mm and a rear monoshock setup with a rear axle travel of 143 mm.
  • Mojo is powered by a 12 volt 11.2 Ampere Hour VRLA battery.
  • LIMP MODE: If the malfunction light or the coolant lamp warning starts glowing, the engine shall enter limp mode and won’t allow the Mojo to go beyond 5,000 rpm. This is to allow you to reach home safely and keep the engine safe.

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  • Mojo’s front disc plate is 4.0 mm thick whereas the rear disc plate is 4.5 mm thick. For both the disc brakes Mahindra recommends DOT4 brake fluid.
  • Recommended air pressure for Mojo is 29 PSi at the front and 33 PSi at the rear for a single rider. With a pillion, the company recommends 36 PSi at the rear.

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  • Engine oil capacity is 1.25 liter after draining, 1.3 liters after oil filter change and 1.5 liters after disassembly.
  • Mahindra recommends first oil change at first servicing (500-750 kms), followed by an oil change every 6000 kms. Recommended grade of engine oil – SAE 10W50 API JASO MA-2. For some reason Mahindra specifically recommends Castrol! [Engine Oil Grade Explained in Simple Terms]


Pheww…. I am sure this is a ready reckoner for all of you who are eyeing the Mojo. Share it across to your friends who are interested to know about the motorcycle in depth. A detailed ride review will be shared once we get astride the Mahindra’s flagship… Stay tuned.