Mahindra-Owned ‘BSA’ Developing New Electric Motorcycle To Debut Later In 2022

BSA electric bike is expected to carry retro styling cues melded into a futuristic design… no further details are known at present…

So, yesterday we shared the report with you that Mahindra is keeping their distance from the Electric Scooter market. They shared this decision at their annual meeting that took place in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This decision also extends to ICE powered scooters as well. 

Now, new information has come to light regarding a new product being developed & tested by the international brand – BSA –  under Mahindra ownership.

According to some rumours, BSA has been working on a new electric bike for a while, and is going to showcase it by the end of this year. This electric bike, just like the GoldStar 650, will be aimed for the international market.  

The details of the new electric bike from BSA are scarce. But, looking at the GoldStar 650, it is safe to assume that the company will stay true to its retro design & aesthetics and will incorporate old-school styling cues into the bike being built for the future of mobility. 

This means we can see a futuristic bike, showcasing technology of the future, loaded with features of the modern times, yet, have retro design & styling cues melded into the overall look of the bike. It can be a retro-roadster, just like the present ICE powered GoldStar 650, or it can be a cruiser with a long wheelbase and relaxed ergonomics, made for mile-munching during the weekends. 

Considering these rumors and speculations, it will be very interesting to see what Mahindra-owned Classic Legends have envisioned what their iteration of the bike of the future will be.

And finally, we surely hope that Classic Legends doesn’t keep this electric bike just for the international market. We would love to see a Jawa or Yezdi branded electric bike gliding silently along our roads.