Mahindra Sold These Many MOJOs in FY2021 (and Previous Years)

Mahindra Mojo sales FY2021 do not pose a very rosy picture of the otherwise brilliant motorcycle. We compare last three year sales…

After struggling in the 2-wheeler market because of a flawed approach for many years, Mahindra decided to change its strategy. With the exception of one motorcycle model Mojo, it took its name out of the race. It bought a company called Classic Legends which owns the rights to various iconic names such as Yezdi, Jawa and BSA.

It was announced that the Mojo platform will be widened with as many as four new motorcycle models. However, Mahindra is just keeping the Mojo rolling with one single model, without a lot of push. As a result sales of the motorcycle have not really been very impressive. Here is how it stands in the last three years…

Mahindra Mojo Sales FY2021 (vs Previous Years)

439 units250 units274 units

These numbers are low and understandable because there is no real marketing, no push, not many dealerships for this otherwise pretty good motorcycle. They average out to about 23 units a month. We are not comparing them with any other motorcycle because no one is even remotely close. Kawasaki sold more of their 800-1000cc motorcycles last year.

For reference, according to the VAHAN data which shows retail sales, Mahindra could sell almost 13,000 of its Jawa branded motorcycles in the market (data till February 2021).

Mojo sales FY2021
Mahindra did run an offer in Dec 2020 wherein it was offering a helmet free along with every purchase…

Jawa is Okay But Where are the FOUR Mojos You Promised Mahindra?

The plan, as it appears, is to settle down with Jawa, introduce the Yezdi and BSA brands in India and various other markets as they have better prospects and let the Mojo be present there somewhere. And once things on all other parameters look upbeat, try to push Mojo as well.

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But we have seen many hardcore lovers of Mojo and they wish that Mahindra becomes more proactive on this motorcycle. Let us see, how things pan out for the 300cc tourer in the future…

PS – These are official SIAM shared wholesale numbers