Mahindra Mojo started to bumper openings! Yes, literally the love it hate it design made waves across the nation when it was first revealed. A lot of motorcyclists liked the different design but a majority did not.


After a couple of spyshots that made way a few days back, someone revealed to us that Mahindra is working on redesigning the Mojo and as we were digging deep, we have this shot of Mojo (and a few other Mahindra products) from an official presentation shared by PowerDrift.

Now, if this is true than it appears to be taking a little different route than what all of us might have thought. An enduro in pipeline is what we make out from this pic. The revamped front looks inspired from BMW R 1200GS and similar motorcycles, Doesn’t it? 

Engine details remain similar to what we all know. Mojo will get a 300cc DOHC 4 Valve engine with Ducati Energia EFI. Power output, the last time we were told, was 26 bhp at 8500 rpm and a maximum torque of 24Nm at 7000 rpm.

Mojo (3)

Now there are two interestingly peculiar things to note. The non-symmetric headlamps (projectors) and the presence of normal turn indicators along with RVM (rear view mirror) integrated side blinkers at the same time.

Let’s hope this pic is a replication of the actual bike. Anyways it will get clear pretty soon. But what we do know, for sure, is that Mahindra is preparing Mojo for a launch within this year. Let us also clarify, it is NOT coming soon. A possible launch towards the end of the year is what you all should expect.

What interests us is that, our market is expanding….expanding to different genres and different breeds. Mojo looks different and with promising features and an expected VFM price tag who knows this will be the game changer for the company.

And by the way, do you like Mojo this way or in its original looks

More Information on Mojo


Pic Credit: PowerDrift @ Facebook


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  1. It looks better than the old design. But still what is mahindra design team doing? There are bike enthusiasts who can design better-looking bikes for free.

    The small tank needs a lot of rework. It would be better to remove one of those gold bars under tank and make the tank bigger, expanding the bottom part of tank lower, like gs150r.


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