List of 3 ways in which Artificial Intelligence can make Riding Safer

A very interesting report caught my eye today. It claims that Yamaha, in association with an American research entity, is planning to introduce artificial intelligence in motorcycles. Yes, sounds crazy? Wait, remember their Motobot concept. Yes, complete automated operation. With an aim to deduce the requirements required for riding that exceed ordinary human capabilities by 2017, the Japanese bike maker has eyes for more.

While a full-blown artificial intelligence (AI) may be a dream for now, however, in a rudimentary form it can be a big help for bikes. It can take a number of decisions automatically, thereby allowing the rider to focus on safety. Here’s a small list of things which I hope artificial intelligence can help riders with in the future:

Yamaha Motobot

  • Pothole detection:

Yes, not valid in Gurgaon! However, imagine that you are riding in the dark on a desolate highway. The very moment you are leaning for that turn and your tyres hit a major pothole! Yes, I sadly know quite a lot of people who have either lost their life or got a few bones broken because of this. Now an AI can use radar and infrared imagery to detect the problem ahead and transfer the information to a screen as a warning. Yes, too many flaws in the plan but a system like this on straight roads too will be a boon.

Yamaha Motobot 2

  • Connected riding:

Imagine you are riding in a group and have to tell the rider behind you about the idiot who is travelling on the wrong side. Yeah, you use rudimentary signals using your hands to pass on the information. Now connected riders can transfer all this information to the entire pack automatically so that everyone can be alert. Yes, exactly what Volvo has in mind for its autonomous driving project!


  • SOS:

Many of us love riding alone. Going off the road not taken and riding till your butt is sore! Yes, that is a freedom which is great to achieve but has its own set of repercussions in case something goes wrong. Now, in case if you crash the AI can send the GPS coordinates to the nearest medical help and alert the about your condition. Yes, BMW is bringing this feature, in a rudimentary form (with the help of a push button), to its range in 2017.

What about you guys? Wouldn’t you love your motorcycle to have an artificial intelligence to help you out? What other features do you think can be of great help for riders? Do tell us in the comment section.