Gixxer & Gixxer SF: List of 6 Differences With On-Road Prices

Two motorcycles were launched at the same venue, the same conference room of the same hotel. One of them is now a few months old while the other is brand new. Both the motorcycles have the same engine and the same frame and are from the same brand! Both the bikes aim to giveĀ the premium 150cc segment a new direction and benchmark to catch up with. While one of them has already managed to carve out a niche for itself, the second is about to begin its innings.

Gixxer-vs-SF-Differences -Pic

Yes, the whole talk is about the Suzuki’s 150cc twins – naked Gixxer and faired Gixxer SF. The SF was launched today and it goes on to become the country’s cheapest full-faired motorcycle. However there are a few minor differences between these two motorcycles and just to bring them to notice, here is a list…

Differences Between Gixxer vs Gixxer SF

  • Fairing: This is the prime-most difference and the reason of these two names. But it is not only cosmetic – just a fairing snap-on on a naked motorcycle, instead Suzuki tells us that SF has been tunnel-tested. We are sure despite the same power figures, GF will have a better top speed than the naked Gixxer. The decreased air resistance should also help the bike in its handling abilities.

Suzuki Gixxer SF fairing 2

  • Weight: The most prominent bane of adding a fairing is the resultant increased weight because of the added plastic as well as the hardware components which are used to clamp them up together. The added weight of the fairing reduces the power to weight ratio (if the power figures remain unaltered, like in this case). While the naked Gixxer has a kerb weight of 135 kg, the Gixxer SF tips the scale at 139 kg. Interestingly, Suzuki has managed to arrest the weight bump only to 4 kilos which is commendable!

Suzuki Gixxer SF fairing 1

  • Bridge type handle clamp: The faired Gixxer SF misses out on clip ons which are, nowadays, considered a basic feature in sports bikes. It retains a one piece handle bar, however it gets a bridge type handle clamp which increases handlebar rigidity.

Suzuki Gixxer SF handlebar

  • Rear View Mirrors: Instead of the handlebar the rear view mirrors are now positioned on the fairing, above the head lamp which should provide better visibility since the riding posture has not really changed.

Suzuki Gixxer SF front fairing

  • Exhaust and Pinstripe wheels: The exhaust canister on the Gixxer SF is made of aluminium but it loses the glossy finish and is matte finished. Suzuki is also offering pinstripe on the wheel rims and the key knob gets a Suzuki logo embossed.

Suzuki Gixxer  SF exhaust canister

  • Special MotoGP Edition livery: To commemorate Suzuki’s return to MotoGP Racing in 2015, the Gixxer SF is also being offered in a special MotoGP edition which is slightly costlier.

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Ex-Showroom & On-Road Pricing: Gixxer & Gixxer SF

Suzuki is chargingĀ about Rs 11,000 extra on the ex-showroom price of Gixxer for all the differences we have listed above. For almost all cities, the on-road prices should be under Rs 1 Lakh which makes it significantly cheaper than the next set of faired motorcycles – ZMR, R15 etc…

Yes, there are no significant differences, not even in the prices. So which one will you put your money on…?