Liger X – What is So Special About it…? 3 Key Features

We discuss the three top Liger X features in this quick story. And all of this makes it an interesting offering in this otherwise boring segment…

In an otherwise dull Auto Expo for two-wheeler enthusiasts, there is this company called as Liger Mobility that has introduced a self-balancing scooter called as Liger X (and there is a premium variant Liger X+ as well). We have discussed it in an earlier story in fair bit of detail.

In this quick one let me list three key features that make the scooter special…

Key Liger X Features

Feet on Footboard – The most special bit about the Auto-balancing tech is that it allows you to keep your foot on the footboard during stoppages and/or very slow moving stop and go traffic – as the Liger X auto balances itself and keeps itself straight. This is definitely an interesting tech and allows the rider, specially novices, to ride stress free and prevents rare falls. Here is how it works..

Moreover, you can also switch the Auto-balancing tech off from the scooter if you feel it is quite and intrusion in your ride or for any other reason.

Reverse like a Car – Similarly, as for low speed frontal movement, you can also use this tech to reverse your scooter – just like a car – with your feet on the floorboard. Obviously, there would be a reverse gear in there as well.

liger x features

Learner Mode – Liger has also provided a Learner Mode in the scooter in which the scooter capitalises on AutoBalancing and it limits the speed of the vehicle. This should be pretty useful when you are just learning to ride a two-wheeler. It then boils down to simple acceleration and deceleration of the scooter that you would need to focus on – as there is no need to balance your ride. And then the pace is also very controllable.

Liger Mobility has received a patent for its AutoBalancing technology and this is a first for any two-wheeler in India. Last we heard Honda is also working on a self-balancing tech, however, no commercial product has been introduced in the market yet.

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Liger is also offering a host of other features on its Liger X scooters which will be launched by mid of this year in the market.