Honda has planned a salvo for our market and their sole aim is supremacy over Hero. They promised 15 new product launches for our market this year and apart from the Unicorn 160, all others were simple cosmetic touch-ups to the existing vehicles. Hence, the biking enthusiasts are not taking them very seriously.

One of our friend after the latest introduction of 2015 Activa i and Aviator said, this way Honda can launch 150 products every other month and we, kind of, agree…. 😛

Nonetheless, moving on, we have an exclusive teaser pic of an upcoming Honda motorcycle with an official ‘Coming Soon’ banner and a catchline ‘Time to Live’. The blue tank carries either tank extensions or shrouds at the front and possibly has the traditional old-school fuel tank cap.


We tried to compare it with the upcoming Livo, 2015 Trigger and the entry level motorcycle, the trio which we know are coming from Honda, however, it matches none! And this may mean that it is a new motorcycle for our market from the the Japs.


Tank volume and current Honda’s fascination towards entry level commuters suggest that this may be another addition to the already massive line-up of 7 odd motorcycles in the 100-125cc commuter segment. But then we will want to be pleasantly surprised when Honda shows us the complete picture..

And…its coming soon….

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  • Julian Bennet

    Must be the Livo, the “time to live” slogan hints it.

    • shenoy

      Tank scoops looks nice dear

      • Julian Bennet

        LOL. It may look nice from this angle but will look bland from another.

      • rmstit

        agree I like these ..atleast the tank scoops!

      • shenoy

        Honda worldwide does wonderful n beautiful looking bikes. Bloody HMSI is spoiling the things.

      • rmstit

        CB1000R !!

      • Mr. Somalia

        but ******s deserve this. but all products of indian Honda r much much bettr than any other ****** s*** ***** ** craps.

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  • kp

    Its livo only…

  • Nice this looks good. I like to wings and also the logo of the honda bike. Any idea when its going to launch? Please update!

  • Akshay Ballal

    3D Honda logo only seen on commuters from Honda… So that is perfectly a commuter… And 100% LIVO

    • Mr. Somalia

      a frustrated shabby person like you is spreading hatred against giant Honda. don’t test Honda’s patience. these so called commuters will serve you in calamity unlike I****** C****

      • Akshay Ballal

        Riddle this… Pehle istemal fir vishwas kare…!!!

      • Mr. Somalia

        مواصلة باللغة الرعوية الخاصة بك!

  • gyan prakash

    Well now that the livo is launched and it’s pretty clear that the pic in question is from livo, expected you to be humble enough to acknowledge your mistake…

  • retipser jay

    i repeat,you guys need to stop fantasizing on every news and rumors…serves you good…you are proven wrong by a distance again.

  • Honda Livo now celebrated its first anniversary!