Launching Refreshed ‘BIKE REVIEWS’ Page

BikeAdvice has been known for its truck-loads of actual user reviews which make us literally the ‘best on the web’. Thousands of our readers have read and got benefited with all the ownership reviews we publish.


The biggest gripe which we have received as a mass feedback was that our reviews were scattered and not properly organised. It was not easy for readers to search for user reviews of a particular bike they were looking out for.

As a policy of making our reader’s experiences better, we have worked on our ‘Bike Reviews’ page comprehensively and it now includes a list of all recently published bike reviews on our site bike by bike.

Click Here for BIKE REVIEWS Page

We have intentionally left out user reviews which are really old and may not be very helpful in today’s context.

Where can I Find Bike Reviews Page?

The direct link to Bike Reviews page is

And it is located at our global navigation bar. Check Below:


How Can I Search For a Particular Bike Review:

No need to even enter any keyword anywhere, all you need to do is scroll down to the desired bike and click; to open all reviews on the respective bike.

Let us demonstrate this with an example

Let’s say you are considering buying a bike and are confused between Pulsar 200NS and Karizma ZMR. All you need to do is-

  1. Go to our Bike Reviews page
  2. Scroll Down to Bajaj and click on the pic of Pulsar 200NS. You will be presented with all the latest reviews of Pulsar 200NS.
  3. Once you are done reading Pulsar 200NS reviews, next you scroll down to Hero and click on the pic of Karizma ZMR.
  4. You will be presented with the list of Karizma ZMR reviews.

After reading user experiences of both the bikes it will become crystal clear which bike will suit your requirements and you can safely and happily go for it.

Click Here for BIKE REVIEWS Page

Does it Include Bike Reviews of Only Popular Bikes?

Hell No! We have reviews of bikes from 100ccs to big 650cc bikes. We have reviews of scooters, two strokers, Royal Enfields etc etc.

Many of you wonderful readers share your ownership experiences with us regularly but hoardes of them come in when we run our review contests (Contest No 13 is currently running). And hence, you need to check back this page as we refresh the lists with all the latest ones.

We hope it helps you in zeroing on your desired bikes and if you like it do share it across to your friends so that they also get benefited.