RC390 Prices Increased by 8000; New Prices of all KTM Bikes Inside

KTM’s success story in India has pivoted around its ability to attractively price its products. The success of the Duke 200 and Duke 390 followed by the high demand of RC200 and RC390 has seen equal contribution of what the product has to offer and the killer price tags (at least on the 390 versions). The recent excise duty rollback has not only hurt the four-wheeler industry but the two-wheeler world as well. Because of this, KTM has increased the prices of all their products in India.


  • The RC390 when launched carried a price tag of Rs 2,05,000. The new excise duty rate has increased the prices to Rs 2,12,861 which is about 8000/3.83 percent higher.
  • The RC200 was launched with a difference of about Rs 30,000 than its naked sibling, for Rs 1,60,000. Now you will have to pay Rs 1,66,249, which is an increase of over 6000/3.9 percent.

The naked KTM Dukes also go through a price hike to the range of about Rs 9000. Here are the new prices…

  • The Duke 390 had a price tag of Rs 1,80,942 after the initial excise duty cut by the UPA government, but it gains 4.97 per cent and now has a price tag of Rs 1,89,929, an increase of Rs 8,987.
  • The Duke 200 goes through a price rise of 5.5 per cent, amounting to Rs 7,190. The effective price tag now becomes Rs 1,37,977 from its earlier price of Rs 1,30,787.

2014-KTM-RC125-RC200-RC390-Pic (14)

Blame the government for snatching away the excise duty relief on two wheelers which has resulted in price increment on almost all the motorcycles and cars in India. It was provided to ensure that our motorcycle and car markets get back to growth trajectories but we are just midway and it was definitely expected that the government would have continued with the reduced excise duty regime, initially initiated by the last government.

So, if you aspire to own these fantastic KTMs or any other other motorcycles within this range, you will need to pay something close to or over Rs 10,000 more after including the various taxes that will be levied on these ex-showroom prices.

*all prices ex-showroom Delhi

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