KTM May Launch Either RC390 or RC200 Next Month

So, KTM is rigorously testing their RC390 as well as the smaller sibling RC200 for a showdown in the Indian market. Both these bikes are the faired siblings of naked Duke 390 and Duke 200 we already have in India.

2014-KTM-RC125-RC200-RC390-Pic (14)

Including us, a lot of the biking enthusiasts of our country are very eagerly waiting for these menacing beauties to hit our shores. In an update, one of our source has informed that KTM may launch one of these RCs in India sometime next month.

It is not clear which one of these RC twins will be launched first since there are contradictory reports but we still believe it may be the RC390 which KTM may launch earlier so that they can set the top line for price. RC390 is relatively easier for KTM to price and place. However, with the RC200 they will have the challenge of placing it at appropriate distances from the Duke 200 as well as the Duke 390. And then there will be the Pulsar 400SS!

2014-KTM-RC125-RC200-RC390-Pic (5)

Both the motorcycles adorn the same body shell and look absolutely similar without labels. However, the RC390 has a white colored body with complementing graphics whereas the RC200 comes with a black colored body and contrasting stickers.

Another interesting bit noticed here is that a few mules we have seen sport regular side blinkers while some other have them integrated on the RVMs (rear view mirrors).

A lot is unclear about the bikes, however what we know is that the RC390 carries the same 373.2cc single cylinder water cooled mill from the Duke 390 and churns out 43 bhp of horsepower and weighs 147kgs dry. On the other hand, KTM RC200 sports Duke 200’s 199.5cc mill which produces 25bhp of power and tips the scale at 137.5kgs dry!

So, it may just be a wait for a few more weeks!

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