Now Rumours of KTM 250 Adventure for India Start Flying

KTM 250 Adventure is touted to fill this gap between the Himalayan, India’s most affordable reasonably powered ADV and the upcoming 390 Adventure…

Frankly, 390 Adventure’s wait has been painfully long! For some reason, KTM did not believe in the motorcycle’s presence in the market uptill now. However, the motorcycle is a reality as we have already witnessed plenty of its spy pics on the internet – both from the international markets as well as from India. According to reports, the 390 Duke’s sibling will be launched by the end of this year.

But wait a minute… if this wait for 390 Duke was not agonising enough, Autocar has shared a snippet which claims that KTM is preparing a 250 version out of it as well, for our market!

Basically, a 250 Adventure which they are hinting at could have similar differences like the quarter liter and 373cc Duke siblings. Which means we may see halogen bulbs instead of LEDs in headlamps, coloured TFT instrumentation of the 390 may give way to a simpler unit on the 250 etc. But like it is the case with the Dukes (and the RCs), these two Adventure siblings are expected to look very similar.

KTM 250 Adventure
One of the Indian test mule of 390 ADV

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Since we are inching close to the BSVI ruling (which goes into effect from April 2020), KTM will highly likely launch the 390 ADV with a BSVI compliant engine. Which means we could be looking at a price tag of around 2.9 Lakh to 3.0 Lakh ex-showroom. On the other hand, considering the price differential between the Duke siblings, the KTM 250 Adventure (BSVI) may cost closer to the 2.3-2.4 Lakh mark – justifying the very existence of the model (if at all)!

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Anyway, it is all speculative at this point of time. We hope to hear something concrete on this in the months to come if there is any truth to this rumour. By the way, Benelli could get a quarter liter ADV to us earlier…

Source – Autocar