Kawasaki’s ZZR1400 Teaser Video

Japanese giant Kawasaki has released a latest  short length teaser video which shows how the front half of the all new Kawasaki ZZR 1400 will resemble like. The video clearly reveals the launch date of the bike which is 10th of October, this year.

The video also features the bore and stroke as 84mm by 65mm.The engine displacement of the bike is brought up to 1440 cc from the current 1352 cc, which is up by 88 cc and the power output of the bike is expected to be in the range of 200 bhp.

The new yet to be launched  ZZR1400 will sport the advanced K-ACT ABS braking system and K-TRC traction control systems and some tunings in the engine to boost it’s mid and low range power , thereby making the engine more refined.

It is more expected that this bike will share the electronics and instruments from the bigger Kwakker – GTR 1400 Tourer. The electronics in this tourer bike is considered to be one of the best in the market. However, there wwill be noticeable changes even when these are incorporated abd it is to be noted that the smaller and the lighter control systems are designed by Bosch for Kawasaki.

The air duct and the windscreen of this bike are also said to have seen a facelift.  MCN reports, ‘The already stonking 200bhp peak power of the bike is also unlikely to change much as Kawasaki has concentrated all its efforts on improving the mid and low range torque and engine refinement.’

Author – BikeAdvice.in