Apart from the road-going special editions of their Z & ZX series motorcycles (link to article), Kawasaki has also unveiled sketch of a concept motorcycle called as the SC-02 or Soul Charger. The naked bike is their second such showcase after the SC-01 (Spirit Charger) shown at the Tokyo Motor Show. So what’s so special about it? See that red thing under the tank? That supercharger gives us hopes of more forced induction motorcycles that can be expected from Kawasaki in the future.

The roadster has minimalistic design which gets a flat tank, small tail, low handlebars, large air scoops and a bikini faired headlamp. Not much is known about the engine but upcoming supercharged motorcycles from Kawasaki are expected to be around 600-700 cc mark.

Kawasaki SC-02

Kawasaki J125 Scooter

The other interesting unveiling is this – the J125. J125 is an entry level scooter for A1 license holders and is the first 125 cc scooter from Kawasaki. It is the smaller version of J300 and is powered by a 125 cc 4 valve single cylinder water cooled engine which churns out 13.8 bhp of peak power and 12 Nm of maximum torque.

Kawasaki J125

It comes with features like automatic under-seat courtesy light, shutter style security ignition, a rider friendly 12v on-the-go charger socket, deeply padded seat, 14 inch (front) and 13 inch (rear) tyres with ABS, twin rear shock absorbers and weighs massive 182 kg!

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  1. The J 125 is interesting. It looks like the J 300 which was launched sometime ago. The basic design is from Kymco and it is believed that they are building the bigger scooter as per Kawasaki specification. It would be nice if they launched J 125 in India and it would really be a proper maxi scooter and the bigger tyres would allow the scooter to be ridden like a motorcycle. All over the world the market for big bikes and scooters is on the wane and that is the reason why Kawasaki has been getting into smaller cubic capacity engines and the world over the twist and go scooters are being favoured.

    The only reason why this scooter may not come to India, where the scooter market is right now growing and the motorcycle market is seeing a small fall in sales, but the fly in the ointment will be that it will be way to expensive for a 125 cc scooter and there are some pretty good machines in the market like the Honda Activa 125, Suzuki Access 125 and Swish 125. In the 110 cc space again there is the Honda Activa, the Aviator, Dio Suzuki has the Let’s, Yamaha has the Ray, the Ray Z, the Cygnus Alpha and the Fascino apart from home grown manufacturers like TVS with its Jupiter, Wego the Scooty Zest, and now Hero joining the party with the Maestro, Maestro Edge and the Duet.

    The pricing of all the above mentioned scooters is very much in the reasonable range. The mentality of a scooter buyer is that he/she treats it as just an appliance like a microwave oven or a refrigerator. There are very few who are passionate about scooters and the only reason why Vespa scooters are bought is because of brand recall and also because people see it as a stylish scooter. But that is a micro minuscule section of the market and Kawasaki does not have brand recall as a scooter maker.

    Kawasaki needs to make its products in India and have a proper dealer network that penetrates at least all the urban spaces in India. The pricing is crucial and Kawasaki cannot sell its products like the Z 250 and Ninja 300 is due to its stratospheric pricing.


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