So How Many Ninja 400s Were Sold Last Year?

Ninja 400 sales in FY20 were lesser than the previous year. We share the numbers and compare them with last years figures…

In addition to the very versatile Ninja 300, Kawasaki also sells its elder sibling Ninja 400 in India. It was launched in April 2018 at controversially high prices of Rs 4.69 Lakh ex-showroom Delhi. These prices were further increased in April 2019 to Rs 4.99 Lakh which took it further away from prospect buyers.

In the meantime, the Ninja 300 was localized and priced surprisingly low at 2.98 Lakh – cheapest for a faired twin cylinder motorcycle in the country. So the call from Kawasaki was clear – either buy the Ninja 300 or don’t buy at all 😀

Anyway, Kawasaki had its reasons of pricing the 400 super high but to an eventual buyer it made not much of a sense anyway. So, the question is how many units of the motorcycle were sold in the last financial year.

Ninja 400 Sales in FY20

March 2020April 2019-March 2020
0 unit119 units

That makes it an average of 10 units every month or a revenue of close to 5.94 crores*.

As a comparison, Kawasaki sold 162 units in the 2019 financial year which is an average of almost 14 units a month – revenues of roughly around 7.60 Crores*.

Ninja 400 Sales in FY20
Ninja 400 was last updated in September 2019 in India…

This means that sales of the motorcycle fell by 43 units or about 26 percent which signifies a revenue loss of close to 22 percent.

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*We have come up with the revenue figures simply by multiplying the number of units sold with their retail prices. As you can understand, they are just indicative…

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These are very dismal numbers for a popular motorcycle brand. However, it appears that the 400 was only introduced to play second fiddle to the Ninja 300 – which saw a tremendous demand rise ever since it got a price cut.