How Many 100-250cc Motocross Bikes Did Kawasaki Sell Last Year?

In this interesting article we discuss Kawasaki motocross bike sales in India and why aren’t there more players in this segment…?

Kawasaki is the lone renowned manufacturer which also sells its motocross motorcycles in India. It has been selling them since the last many years. According to the official website, it currently has the KLX110, KLX140G apart from KX100 and KX250G on sale in India.

These motorcycles are not road legal and hence do not need to adhere to the latest emission norms. Kawasaki imports them into India as CBUs (completely built units) and hence they cost a bomb. Here are the current prices according to the website..

  • KX100 – Rs 4,87,800
  • KX250 – Rs 7,43,000
  • KLX110 – Rs 2,99,500
  • KLX140G – Rs 4,06,600

*All prices mentioned above are ex-showroom and over 50 percent of them are taxes that go to the Government (since CBUs attract over 100 percent taxes).

Since they aren’t road legal, they do not need registration numbers and can be ridden only on closed circuits. The question is – what is the market size and why do not we see more manufacturers get in this segment?

kawasaki motocross bike sales

Here are the sales numbers of these motorcycles for the complete last year of 2020-21

  • KLX110/KX100 – 20 units
  • KLX140 – 5 units
  • KX250 – 3 units
  • Total – 28 units

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So, in all, Kawasaki sold 28 units of these models from its dealerships in the last 12 months which is an average of slightly over two motorcycles every month. If we multiply the end prices with the number of units sold, we arrive at an approximate revenue of ~Rs 1.2 Crores only for the whole year. And remember more than half of this goes to the Government. So, Kawasaki effectively netted a revenue of Rs 50-60 Lakh last year.

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Such low sales numbers are the reasons why…

  • a) manufacturers are not making these motocross motorcycles in India.
  • b) more manufacturers are not getting in this segment here.

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