Kawasaki Concours 14 Preview

If you like travel on 2 wheels, and you prefer exceptional power and comfort, then this newest Kawasaki bike is for you. It is named Concours 14, and it is sport touring motorcycle. Concours is completely packed with latest technology feats and innovations, and in terms of performance it is almost equal to super sport Ninja ZX14.

Its touring potential is almost limitless. It has completely programmable tall windscreen, which reduces additional turbulence and re-directs air to the special air vents. There is also an exhaust pipe guard, which protects rider from heat when motorcycle is stopped. Also stepless adjustable grip heaters were introduced as a factory option. And that is just the beginning.

Also this bike has a very good feature – fuel economy assistance mode. When it’s switched on, fuel economy increases on 25%! Security of this bike is very high, however, it’s not so surprising – with so many bags and storage devices it needs some serious security system. Rider will need to use standard key and additional, compact card-type key to start this machine. And this ensures that bike will not be stolen, or at least it will not start and containers and bags will not open. This decreases thief’s chances greatly, because weight of this machine is very high – you can’t just lift it and load in the truck.

Design of this bike is incredible. Because of the huge air vents it looks like a real jet, massive and brutal. It has a lot of resemblance with a sports car as well. Just look at the instrumentation panel – it looks like it was taken from Audi S2! 2 Big round dials and LCD screen look fantastic, you just don’t expect that from a motorcycle. And there are dozens of buttons and indicators across the bike, makes you really wonder, how Kawasaki workers put that all that complex engineering together. Both tail light and front light are very creative, and they give the bike its own original presence of sophisticated and modern touring machine.

And we can’t forget the engine. 1352cc Four-cylinder DOHC engine with variable valve timing (VVT) produces nearly 157 bhp and peak torque is clocked at 138 Nm! That is a wall of power, and even with such huge bike (~304kg) you will be flying like a rocket. But the engine itself is quite compact and narrow, and it doesn’t hinder handling or balance of the Concours 14.

Some other innovations that are installed on Concours 14 are: Digital fuel injection with 32-bit ECU aboard, radial-pump clutch master cylinder (delivers smooth and precise clutch engagement), tetra-level shaft drive (provides smooth acceleration and decreases maintenance costs to minimum) and dozens of others. Engineering feats on this bike are almost limitless. Can you believe that? It’s like a luxury car!

With additional cost it also could be equipped with ABS. The bad thing that there is no news that this model will come to India in next years, however, it still is possible. The price of this bike is 14.599$, which is around ~ Rs. 6,660,00. But seriously, it is much more than just a usual motorcycle, it’s like small house on 2 wheels, it has anything you need.