New Karizma vs Old Karizma: Sales Fall More Than 13 Times! [Jan 2015 Sales]

Continuing with our monthly reports, today we bring to you the January 2015 sales report of Karizma twins. This is interesting because last month Hero sold only 7 units of both the Karizma R and ZMR combined!


And if you thought things would improve, here is a buster! Against the fairly decent 4018 units Hero managed to sell of the older Karizma R and ZMR in January 2014, the company has found only 291 new buyers for the complete 31 days of January 2015. In mathematical terms, new Karizma twins have resulted in a fall of over 13 times for the month of January.

Karizma R + ZMR Sales for Last 4 Months

Here are the sales figures for the last 4 months to give you a clearer idea.

  • January 2015: 291 units (against 4018 in Jan 14)
  • December 2014: 7 units (against 2769 in Dec 13)
  • November 2014: 2609 units (against 3514 in Nov 13)
  • October 2014: 3172 units (against 4922 in Oct 13)

Note: All figures mentioned here are official SIAM-shared sales numbers

Hero Honda Karizma R (5)

Old Karizma was a fantastic looker!

We notice that sales for all the latest months (when the new Karizma twins were on sale) were lower than the comparable months of last year when the older Karizma twins were ‘on sale’. However, sales for the last two months have really been very low. We are not aware of the reason and the company may have limited the production for reasons not known to us.

This is worrying for the company because there has not really been any significant competition which has been launched in this segment and the chief competitor, Pulsar 220 has also not seen any significant update as well.

To round up this sales report, let us inform you that Hero sold 25,321 cumulative units of both the new Karizma R and ZMR from April 2014 to January 2015. They also exported 195 units taking the cumulative (export) figure to 1727 units (Apr-Jan 15).

Do you think new Karizma twins will be able to bring back the laurels of the older Karizma brothers…?

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