Jawa Delivers 2000 PERAKs in Around 20 Days

Jawa Perak sales and deliveries have sky-rocketed during this festive season, informs the company. It is planning to streamline production…

After showcasing it in November 2018, Jawa officially started delivering its Perak around in July 2020. The Mahindra owned brand says that it is running a ‘zero inventory’ model for its bobber and it has got great response for it.

Jawa informs that it has delivered as many as 2000 Peraks in this festive season. Mr Ashish Singh, CEO of the company revealed the timeline and said that these many units have gone to customers within the 20 odd days from Navratre. He also shared that the company is trying to streamline its production which has been its pain point so far, and the target is to deliver as many motorcycles as it can.

The 334cc single seater is India’s first factory custom bike with a single seat in the affordable segment. Owing to a bigger engine (than its siblings), it also produces more power and torque and looks brilliant in that matte black shade.

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jawa perak sales
Other models are also doing good according to the company…

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Though there were no numbers given but the company says that the BS6 variants of Jawa and Forty Two have also garnered a very good acceptance in the market. This is not all – Jawa is confident of a much higher number for its combined fleet as we still have a lot of days left in this festive season.