Jawa Dual ABS Deliveries from June-End; Confirms CEO

Jawa dual ABS deliveries will commence in the coming few days; many are waiting for the last 7-8 months…

The initial response to Jawa has been immensely encouraging for Classic Legends and Mahindra, however, there has been a significant outrage among bikers who have booked their Jawas. Many people have complained of terribly long delays and for some reason after the initial 1-2 months, Jawa has also stopped sharing their wholesale dispatch numbers to SIAM.

A user of Twitter who goes by the name of Silver|Arrow has asked Anupam Thareja, founder and CEO of Classic Legends (the company which owns the rights of Jawa brand) about the continuous dillydallying by Jawa’s dealership where he booked a Maroon Jawa dual ABS on 16 November 2018.

Jawa Dual ABS Deliveries

Anupam has responded by confirming that deliveries of dual channel ABS equipped Jawas will commence from last week (of June 2019) and has assured the questioner that he will get his motorcycle depending on his booking number.

jawa dual abs deliveries

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It must be known that Jawa dual also brings in the rear disc brake option to the motorcycle (which is otherwise equipped with drum brakes at the rear). Both the Jawa and Jawa 42 dual ABS are costlier by Rs 8942 on the ex-showroom price (here are the ex-showroom price of Jawa dual).

jawa dual abs deliveries

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Bikers who have booked Jawas initially were given the option to shift to the dual-channel ABS equipped versions without breaking the queue and many have shifted to the safer variant it seems. And finally, after a long wait they will start getting their motorcycles from this month-end onwards…