Jawa 350 Gets a New Blue Color; Launch Soon

Jawa 350 blue will be the fourth color in the palette and it has been confirmed that it will be available for sale soon…

It appears that Classic Legends is harping on the Jawa brand a little more than Yezdi. Both, however, have failed to create any kind of excitement for the company in terms of sales so far. To spruce up things, new Jawa 350, which carries a bigger engine, was introduced recently and that is what is being promoted heavily.

The company has unveiled a new blue shade of the Jawa 350 at the Mahindra Blues Festival. The Jawa 350 blue comes with a blue colored coating to the headlamp, side panels as well as front and rear mud guards – which is accentuated by what appears to be a chrome coated fuel tank – further flanked by the Jawa logo at the chest.

The Jawa 350 was originally launched in three colors – Maroon, Black and new Mystique Orange. The company has confirmed that the newly unveiled Blue shade will also be introduced soon. And that will make it the fourth shade on offer.

jawa 350 blue

The Jawa 350 Blue continues to be powered by the same 334cc, liquid cooled engine as the rest of the line-up and it produces 22.5 PS of power and 28.2 Nm of max torque. Yes, as you may have noticed, the new Jawa 350 has received quite a bit of detuning as compared to other models that come with this same motor, however, that appears to have been done to improve the tractability of the classic roadster.

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The Jawa 350 is a desperate attempt by the motorcycle maker to reinvent itself in the Indian market after a failed attempt so far. It will be interesting to see how things go forward for the brand…