Komaki X1 – India’s Most Economical Scooter

At under ₹45,000 for the starting variant Komaki X1 is one of India’s most economical scooter. You do not need registration as well…

Komaki XGT X1 electric scooter was launched in India back in June 2020. Currently, it is one of the most economical electric scooters in India.

The Komaki XGT X1 is available for less than INR 60,000 for the Lithium-ion battery model and less than INR 45,000 for the Gel battery variant. At that price it is cheaper than all ICE scooters as well.

Komaki is targeting the entry level buyers with this scooter. The company says it has already sold around 25,000 units of its X1 in a short time.

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The X1 has a range of 90 km for the Lithium Ion model and 65 km for the gel battery version. X1 also has a big seat for two people along with a fairly spacious boot space as well.

It is equipped with multiple sensors for self-diagnosis and wirelessly updatable features.

indias most economical scooter
Komaki X1 instrument cluster

Komaki is offering a warranty of 2+1 years (1-year service warranty) for its lithium-ion batteries and 1 year for the lead-acid battery.

Electric Vehicles Exempted from Registration Fees: MoRTH India

The Komaki X1 is a smart electric scooter that is equipped with telescopic shockers, anti-theft lock system, remote lock, etc. It displays the riding info on the colorful smart dash.

The X1 sits in the low-speed category and does NOT need registration. It is from Komaki’s range of 12 models of scooters that are exempted from licensing. There are also 3 high-speed registration models.