Electric Vehicles Exempted from Registration Fees: MoRTH India

To give a further boost to the already high e-mobility wave in India, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has ordered exemption of Registration issuance and renewal fees on electric vehicles.

Battery-operated vehicles won’t have to pay any fee for registering their new EVs or renewing the existing ones.

The Ministry has been asking the opinion of people and stakeholders in the EV domain for implementing this strategy. The new regulations are based on Section 64 and section 211 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and 1989.

Govt Considers Registration Fee Waiver for Electric Vehicles

The Indian government is trying its best to spread the sales of electric vehicles by introducing policies and subsidies for the buyers and manufacturers.

Various states like Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Telangana, Gujarat, and Karnataka have offered incentives for buyers when they purchase electric vehicles in those regions. Recently, we have also seen how sales of EVs went higher right when the FAME II subsidy was increased.

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Currently, two-wheeler EVs have to pay INR 50 for registration whereas four-wheeler EVs have to pay INR 600. This amount will now totally be exempted after the new regulation set by MoRTH India.

With the constant rise in petroleum prices, people are now getting fed up of paying too many taxes for fossil fuels. Hence, before making a decision many Indians are giving electric vehicles a thought. And with these recent pushes by the Government, electric vehicles are definitely getting traction.

Source: Economic Times