Indian 125CC Bikes Mileage Comparison with Real World Mileage Figures

125cc bikes mileage research

After bringing you the mileage comparison of the hot displacement segment in the Indian market, the 150cc, it’s time to bring on the next most popular segment to you – the 125cc. Prior to the advent and huge popularity of the 150cc segment, the 125cc had some serious competition. Till date this segment remains quite competitive with every bike manufacturer present in India having at least 1 product of their portfolio in this segment. The 125cc has also seen the competition from the introduction from many gearless scooters although; we have kept this post restricted to bikes only.

The 125cc bikes have proven to be a good value-for-money investment for the people in
need of a mode of transport from Point A to Point B. A decent amount of power on tap,
excellent riding comfort and equally impressing mileage figures are the primary reasons why these bikes are so popular in the Indian market. Here we bring you the mileage comparison of the current 125cc bikes in the Indian market which I am sure will be very helpful to many people in making their future purchasing decisions and also to evaluate the performance of their current 125cc bikes, in case you own one.

125cc Indian Bikes Mileage Comparison Chart

Manufacturer Model Official
Mileage (KM/L)
User Reported Mileage(Avg.) (KM/L) Difference
SS125 72 60 12
YBR125 72 n/a n/a
Discover125ST 70 n/a
Discover 125 69 50 19
Pulsar 135LS 62 57 5
Stunner 62 55 7
Stunner PGM Fi 65 57 8
Shine 55 50 5
Hero Motocorp
Ignitor 60 n/a n/a
Super Splendor 57 50 7
Glamour 71 65 6
Glamour PGM Fi 75 68 7
Flame DS 125 72 n/a n/a
Flame SR125 72 n/a n/a
Slingshot 66 n/a n/a


By Joy and Shashank
Team BikeAdvice

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