India-Spec vs International-Spec Speed 400 – What is Different? [Video]

India-Spec vs international-Spec Speed 400 – we list all the differences that Triumph and Bajaj have incorporated…

Triumph Speed 400 will be manufactured in India by Bajaj Auto at its Chakan plant where it also makes the KTMs. The roadster will then also be shipped to various other countries where Triumph will assemble the motorcycle for that particular market.

There are a few differences that Triumph has made in the India-spec variant – some to suit our local conditions and others to follow guidelines. Here is a quick 60 second video that lists all the differences…

India-Spec and vs International-Spec Speed 400 – What is Different?

The India-specific Speed 400 weighs 176 kilos wet which is 6 kilos heavier than the international version. Here are the changes…

  • Tyres – Internationally, Triumph is offering the Speed 400 with Metzeler and Pirelli tyres. However, our Indian version is equipped with MRF and Apollo tyres. These tyres are heavier and are made specifically for Indian conditions. Though the grip levels may not be the same as the international brands but they are fairly good and these will definitely offer more than double the life as well.
India-Spec vs International-spec Speed 400
This is the international-spec Speed 400…
  • Wheels – The wheels of the Indian model are also strengthened and are heavier.
  • Other Bits – The weight increase is also because of the regulation – saree guard, engine guard and number plate mounting. The grab rail is also different and adds weight.
  • Sump guard and crash guard are standard on the Indian model
  • The Indian model also comes with slightly wider fenders.
  • Bajaj has also tuned the suspension on a slightly stiffer side for the Indian model that may suit our relatively bad road conditions.

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For now, the Speed 400 is available only in the Indian market where it has received bumper response. Once Triumph and Bajaj settle down with the Indian market, the Speed 400 will also be introduced in many international markets, towards the end of the year.