Aquila GV250 to get Bigger 300cc Engine?

Hyosung currently retails three cruisers in India – Aquila GV250 in the small engine displacement category, its elder sibling and possibly the most gorgeous looking GV650 or the Aquila Pro and the lanky ST7! The latest word on the street is that the company is going to replace the smallest Aquila with a new bigger heart.

If this report on VisorDown is true, then the Aquila 250 will be updated as the GV 300 at this year’s EICMA. Steve Oliver, who is the Managing Director of MotoGB, the organisation which is the official contact point for Hyosung in the UK, revealed that the company plans to replace most of the range in the next two years.

A bigger 300cc engined cruiser will give the manufacturer more room to compete against its opponents. The Aquila 250 is presently powered by a 249 cc oil cooled V-twin engine producing 26.21 bhp of maximum power at 9,500 rpm and 21.37 Nm of peak torque at 7,000 rpm. It also gets a 5 speed transmission.


So, if the bigger engine is coming, can we please expect a newer transmission with an extra 6th cog for relaxed highway cruising, power and torque figures of over 30 bhp and 25Nm respectively and some of those sporty and modern cues from the GV650???

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