China Now Blatantly Copies Husqvarna Vitpilen

The Feiken TT250 made by FK Motors is a Husqvarna Vitpilen copy but it comes with its own innovative features like that single sided swingarm…

There are numerous instances present on the internet where Chinese bike makers have plagiarized the design of KTM Duke, Pulsar 220F, BMW S1000RR, Yamaha R6, Ducati Panigale, etc and used them in designing their own bikes. 

Once again miming the KTM cafe-racer Husqvarna Vitpilen, a Chinese automaker which goes by the name of FK Motors have introduced its own machine, the Feiken TT 250

As the name suggests, Feiken TT packs a 250 cc single cylinder engine which supports liquid cooling. The Chinese cafe-racer bears striking similarity with the Husqvarna Vitpilen in various aspects such as meter console, steel frame, USD Forks and the overall styling.

husqvarna vitpilen copy

But where Feiking scores over the Husky is by offering a single sided swingarm.

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Interestingly, the manufacturer of the engine of Feiken TT 250 is Zhejiang Chungfeng. It is the parent company of the Chinese automobile brand CFMoto

CFMoto has an active partnership with KTM which owns the brand Husqvarna. It must also be noted that Husqvarna has very recently ventured into the Chinese market at the Beijing Motor Show.

The Vitpilen 401, for reference…

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But there has been a change that we are noticing. Chinese makers blatantly copy internationally acclaimed designs but they generally offer more features than the base motorcycles. The recent example is Hanway G30 which is a direct copy of Royal Enfield Himalayan.

And with little or no protection to intellectual property in that country we believe we will continue to see this extremely evident misuse.

by Swayam Prakash

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