How to Turn Your Automobile Workshop into A Modern Service Centre?

In this age of technology and automation, people are constantly in search of services where they just need to make a phone call, and the service provider does the rest. This stands true even in case of automobile workshops today. And, with the growing crisis of time in hand, modern service centres are in demand by most of the car users.

So, if you have an automobile workshop and loyal customers, you can think of building a modern-day service centre out of it. Below are the major and minor changes you need to bring to your workshop to make it a full-service automobile service centre of modern times.

  1. Technology

You might have a website where you have all your services listed, along with your contact details for probable customers to find you online. But a service centre needs to provide other services online as well to be popular. This must include booking repairs and maintenance over the internet or phone call, placing orders for spare parts, towing vehicles if broken down midway etc. The modern service centre should have all the necessary softwares to maintain client database, their orders, supplies made, services provided and payments details.

  1. Equipment

Your automobile workshop turned in to modern day service centre should have all equipments to provide the best services to the clients. From hydraulic lifts with wash guns to tools, parts of every type should be easily available.

  1. Cash and Capital

For building a modern service centre, you would need a good amount of capital to make all the changes, renovations and cash to get equipments and spare parts available all the time. You can use the savings that you earned from years of hard work, or you can opt for business loans for expanding your business. In case you do not have enough savings, you can go with the second option of business loans, which can be availed online within few quick clicks. Most importantly, business loans today are disbursed instantly without the need of any collateral.

  1. Technicians and Mechanics

You may already have few mechanics who are working under you, but for a service centre, you need a good number of technicians and mechanics who would work together to diagnose the problem in the car and fix it quickly. Moreover, since car owners prefer service centres for quick services, the number of mechanics always needs to be higher to get work done at any cost within a small period.

  1. Services

In automobile workshops, you may provide services of all kind, and even if you don’t, you won’t be blamed or shouted at. But in a service centre, if you are not capable enough of providing various services, then you might lose your business. Thus, you must include all the services from washing to painting to wheel alignment. These services must be listed on your website, and customers should be able to place an order for the same online as well.

  1. Promotion

For your automobile workshop, promotions done via your friends and colleague were enough for you. But while setting up a complete service centre of the modern times, you need to promote it adequately to make people know about it, in order to increase your revenue.

  1. Authorization

If you want to make it a dealer service centre, you would need to take authorization from the dealer of the car company to provide services on their behalf.

The Ending Note:

The entire process may be hectic in the beginning, but once you get a hold on the key issues and implement them, the rest of the journey of turning your automobile workshop into a modern service centre will be a smooth sail.