Honda Working on a New Litre Class V4? May be Placed Over Fireblade

Honda Fireblade, though maniac, is the most easy-going liter class super sports motorcycle among all. The ’Blade is often called as the most rideable litre class however, people have complained that Honda does not have a fully focused litre class bike oriented for full blown performance lovers. Enter the RC213V-S, the road legal replica of their MotoGP challenger.

The RC213V-S is an expensive MotoGP tech loaded motorcycle aimed to give you a feel of how Marquez feels every other weekend at the race track. Say what? That’s too much? Relax. Honda seems to have heard you and might be working on a new V4 1,000 cc exotica!

As per an article in MCN, Honda has applied for 5 patents around the characteristics of a new V4 road legal bike. They go on to speculate that the bike might see the light of the day as early as the end of 2016 with possible production plans for 2017! That’s around the same time as the end of production run of the RC213V-S.

Removing the race chassis and suspension setup on the RC213V-S and replacing them with slightly normal parts will help save on the cost fronts and still promise of stellar performance, which will be ahead of the relatively tamer CBR 1000R.

Further proof of the possibility of this bike is what their CEO Tetsuo Suzuki had to say recently:

“If we get many, many orders for the RC213V-S then perhaps we can look at a cheaper version that could sit between the Fireblade and the RC213V-S.”

Honda V4 patent image 3

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A line up of a more day to day Fireblade and crazy V4 does lighten up the eyes and will hopefully pull up Honda to the annuls of performance once again!