Honda Unicorn Dazzler Ownership Review by Prabhu

I bought my Honda Unicorn Dazzler on 6th july. I have done two free services and crossed 4700 kms. I need to share my experience with my bike. As Honda says definitely CB Unicorn Dazzler is “life time in every moment”.

The semi digital speedo is great. Already bajaj, Hero honda and TVS adopted and now Honda also implements the same. But the thing that keeps it ahead of others is the color of the backlight of the speedo. In TVS and Bajaj the color is orange and bright yellow.

That may project the display attractively but,very contrast and they will give strain to eyes on continuous viewing. In dazzler its mild blue which wont give strain for our eyes and also gives nice display.

Digital clock gives additional advantage to the rider to manage time. The neutral lamp has some drawback. During heavy sunlight at noon it is difficult to find whether neutral light is on or off. The dual disk brakes plays a vital role in streets. Many say that rear disk in not needed and its also risk. Perhaps they should not have used or they may tried rear disk in some other bikes. I have experienced one accident in my brother’s pulsar. In my splendor I used to apply both front and rear brakes based on the situation.While turning i apply rear brake if not enough i apply front also. I applied the same in Pulsar, but I slipped. There is a risk in applying front disk in turning. But I don’t have any problem with braking in my Dazzler.

But we should be careful during rains. But by experience we can get used to rear brakes. 0-60 kmph can be achieved in 5 seconds and top speed I have reached is 118 kmph. Mileage is great. With speed maintained between 45 to 45 kmph at 5th gear, I got 80 kmpl. But at 90 kmph it gives only 35 to 38 kmpl. My average mileage is 60 kmpl.

With my riding experience I am giving some tips for fresh riders and riders who are all new to 150cc segments.


  • When you buy a new vehicle, usually showroom guys will tell us to maintain lower rpm’s for mileage. But if you drive in lower rpm’s for very long distances the engine will get used to lower speeds permanently. Later if you push to higher speeds you may experience vibrations. Don’t get stuck to lower rpm’s. Concentrate on engine heat. You can push to higher rpm’s upto you feel the heat of the engine in your legs. Maintain that speed. As the heat reduce day by day you can increase the speed. It takes 4000 kms for engine to adopt to your driving style completely. If you need just performance and you don’t bother about mileage, then just race your bike and burn up the streets from the very beginning stage.
  • After each service, your engine will become like a new engine. So after each service you should not drive regularly. First you should drive it like a new vehicle for a week of two and make it adopt to your driving style. You can find that from mileage. After service mileage will decrease a little bit. Once you get the regular mileage you can drive in your regular way.
  • For mileage keep the engine idle speed at 1000 rpm and for greater performance keep the engine idle speed at 1500 rpm.
  • Maintain bike single handed. Dont allow anyone to drive your bike.

– Prabhu