Drop Continues – Honda Loses Over 2 Lakh Units in April

Honda Two-wheeler sales for April 2019 do not pose a very rosy picture – and there are chances that the slide may continue…

Slowdown in the automobile industry has continued on to the first month of the new financial year. Among the mainstream manufacturers, it is Honda which has been the most affected. They lost over 2 Lakh units in the single month of April 2019. Here are the numbers..

Honda Two-Wheeler Sales – April 2019

Honda registered total wholesales of 4,32,767 units in April 2019 as compared to 6,35,824 units they managed in April last year. That time around, they were roughly 40,000 units away from Hero. This means that Honda lost whopping 2,03,057 units or almost 32 percent of its sales which is almost equal to Bajaj’s total sales for the month!

Since retail sales have not picked pace, Honda attributes this to inventory correction at its dealerships which were definitely alarmingly high. This loss takes Honda over 1.30 Lakh units away from its dream of displacing Hero as the top manufacturer of the country, again.

Honda two-wheeler Sales

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Makers reason out the recent increase in insurance costs, mandatory CBS/ABS ruling etc which have resulted in significant price increment of motorcycles and scooters, thereby, repelling buyers to stay away or delay their buying decisions. This will be further aggravated in the months to come because of the upcoming BSVI emission norms which kick in from April 2020.

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The situation is so intense that out of the seven top two-wheeler manufacturers in India, only three showed some growth in April – rest everyone was in deep red!