Honda on Steroids! Starts Activa Production in Karnataka Plant

Honda is on its heels and really the most aggressive two wheeler manufacturer along with Bajaj in India. It is clear that they are gunning for the top slot which is currently held by their erstwhile partner, Hero.


Honda is firing from both ends – launching products rapidly and increasing production capacity simultaneously. Its no doubt that Activa is their most popular product in India and hence, it suffers from a huge waiting period. This also ensures that Honda looses many thousand units to its competition.

To harness on this weekness, Honda is trying every bit to increase Activa’s production as much as possible. In a latest, Honda has informed that they have started producing the Activa at the second assembly line of its Narsapura plant in Karnatata. Since June 2013, this plant has been producing Dream Yuga at the first line and it will be joined by Activa on the second line now.

Honda’s Narsapura plant is company’s third in India with an annual capacity of 12 lakh units which Honda plans to take to 18 lakh units by the end of this fiscal year. After this expansion is completed, Honda’s total annual production capacity will increase from 28 lakhs in financial year 2013 to a whooping 46 lakh units by next year.

This new production will ensure you get your Activa without waiting for too much. It also becomes apparent that Honda is really keen on bridging this wide demand-supply gap and is a definite threat to the likes of Hero and Bajaj in the times to come. To leverage on the Activa brand, Honda has very recently launched the cheapest Activa-i and has plans to launch a new 125cc version of Activa by September this year.