Honda Shine 125cc Ownership Review

Hi Readers, It’s not that easy when you are going for your first bike but becomes more tough when it’s for your Dad. My Dad told me that its time to change his five years old splendor with a new bike. He was very clear that he want bike with self start and some more power than his old one but it should be sober and look decent.

As my preference was 125 cc with self start. My search ended with Honda “Shine” as there was very few options at that time in 2008 and we do not want splendor again (super splendor)
First when I look at the bike it doesn’t look much eye catching. But gentle looks and self start in 125 cc machine attracts me more. My bike clocked 40,000 km in 2 years but I never pay a single penny on it except servicing.

At first you may think that sitting position is little different than other bikes. Its siting position is really nice which also makes it comfortable for highways. Shine rocks in city traffic. You can start it in any gear and slow down without much shifting. It makes ride very easy in traffic. Also two people can sit easily without complaining it also comes with front disk brakes. But it vibrates above 70 km. The maximum speed is 90 km/hr.

Engine really goes smooth after first 1000 km and makes a very nice firing in 2nd shift and gives true feeling of riding a bike With Honda’s engine… I love that most. Bike is also very consistent in mileage gives mileage of 58-62 km/lit.


  • Long long waiting period (2-3 months)
  • Suspension can be better

So if you are going to replace your dad’s old bike then Honda shine is perfect smooth, sober and light weight machine for you but not for college life as it lacks that X factor (Sometimes I miss the 5th gear in it). safe!

– Subodh Thakare