Hi Readers, It’s not that easy when you are going for your first bike but becomes more tough when it’s for your Dad. My Dad told me that its time to change his five years old splendor with a new bike. He was very clear that he want bike with self start and some more power than his old one but it should be sober and look decent.

As my preference was 125 cc with self start. My search ended with Honda “Shine” as there was very few options at that time in 2008 and we do not want splendor again (super splendor)
First when I look at the bike it doesn’t look much eye catching. But gentle looks and self start in 125 cc machine attracts me more. My bike clocked 40,000 km in 2 years but I never pay a single penny on it except servicing.

At first you may think that sitting position is little different than other bikes. Its siting position is really nice which also makes it comfortable for highways. Shine rocks in city traffic. You can start it in any gear and slow down without much shifting. It makes ride very easy in traffic. Also two people can sit easily without complaining it also comes with front disk brakes. But it vibrates above 70 km. The maximum speed is 90 km/hr.

Engine really goes smooth after first 1000 km and makes a very nice firing in 2nd shift and gives true feeling of riding a bike With Honda’s engine… I love that most. Bike is also very consistent in mileage gives mileage of 58-62 km/lit.


  • Long long waiting period (2-3 months)
  • Suspension can be better

So if you are going to replace your dad’s old bike then Honda shine is perfect smooth, sober and light weight machine for you but not for college life as it lacks that X factor (Sometimes I miss the 5th gear in it). Thanks.drive safe!

– Subodh Thakare

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  • Debayan

    Nice review all in all..thanx

    And yes, I definitely agree wid u that even if these bikes dont hv a macho look, they surely give healthy mileage and lifespan..

    One thing to ask, u said u hv to choose for ur Dad and yet u also like this bike, bt if u were to look for ur own bike, would ur choice b the same??

  • Pritam dhamde

    Subudh nice review,but the thing is no one is really interested in small machines in 2day high performance world.

  • yugesh

    honda stunner has got the x factor that u mentioned….

  • amit

    Subodh excellent review my friend and i must say you have maintained your machine accordingly so that it can shine…..
    @yogesh-buddy i dont agree with you,subodh said that he wanted to get a new bike for his dad not for himself so high power machines ka dad log kya karenge,they need a decent easy to handle machine with necessary facilities and Shine has it all…..

  • Ankush

    really nice review subodh, i completely agree with u as i have a jouveline ride of 125cc honda machine , thnxxx!!!!

  • sangharsha

    super cool……good review buddy……most of boys will admire your review….keep it up!

  • Subodh

    @Debayan My choice will be Hero honda xtreme.
    But if you don’t care much about looks and power then shine is best!

  • fas

    Fantastic review. I think Honda needs to make the Shine abit shiny like the CB Twister.

  • I think shine is a good average commercial bike for indian roads. Shine can be easily seen one out of every 10. Shine can give a clear fight to bajaj discover.

  • Debayan

    CO-Incidence!!.. My preference is Xtreme too..

  • Maheshv

    Good work Man.

  • Ritom

    I do agree with Subodh.
    I replaced my 6 yrs old Hero Honda CD Dawn with the Honda Shine DSS, a couple of month back. I love its decent & sober looks and the niose-less riding. But in comparison with any Hero Honda Motorcycle, its rear suspension is not satisfactory. Though, in all other aspect, its overall performance is undoubtedly too good.
    Wear Helmat, Ride Safe !!!

  • dj

    very good bike…
    super power and very good acceleration.
    good control on the bike.

  • nitin

    I want to increase the rear tyresize of Honda Shine for smooth running in the sleepery roads.

    Is it advisable ????????
    Is if affect mileage ????????

    Plz. answer .

  • Subodh

    @Nitin u can n sure it will affect the mileage!

  • jitendra singh

    which bike is better among honda shine and pulser 135 LS in terms of mentainance, milage and performance? please guide me so that i can buy a good one?

  • Subodh

    of course Honda shine!
    just go for it…


    Nice review and for sure the most decent looking bike is shine and shines a lot too. Twister is flashy while shine shines.


    with my ideas honda shine is good for pick up & also have the ability to carry weight but the look of honda twister is better from it. Honda twister is good in mileage,look,price,Low weight & It is also 110 cc bike reaches upto 85 kmph where shine is reaches upto 90 there is a slightly difference here . As well as twister is new bike so i expect twister more than shine.

  • Bidhan neogi

    Pl. guide me, which bike is best in 125 cc category in terms of mileage, look, comport & price.

  • subodh

    I will suggest you the new honda shine with a disc brake.new model looks very stylish and cool with honds engine..if u r gng for milege then Bajaj discover and Pulsar 135 is also nice.but its your choice that what you want in your bike!

  • Saikat

    Hi my dear friends, from my experiences- I first drove old shine during 2009 and mainly in hilly roads. I just like its pickup and engine power during upriding hills for smooth driving. And now a days I sometime drive my frndz new ss125, it is also a good bike specially for suspension but the problem is less initial pickup thats why engine gives less power on riding hill. The new cb shine comes with more apealing in all segments like optimax engine, new maintanance free battery, color and also tufup tyres which reduces punctures. And also handle bar weight so no vibration in high speed. I ordered this bike and next friday I am getting this. I dont have any doubt about the quaility of HONDA. Thanks

  • Rashesh Jani

    I want to buy Honda Shine, is this write choice? or no? how much mailage of thsi byck? reply me

  • Raj

    Which is better
    shine or twister
    plz replay

  • Venkatesh

    Surely i will say go for Shine
    but if u want more comfort and pickup than go for Unicorn


    I reviewed shine before purchasing, i was sure that my decision was not bad, really it’s give good feel after 2nd servicing, but the thing am in real panic, am hardly getting 40-45 mileage on highway when am accelerating it at 70 kmph, what is going wrong with shine.
    To increase it speed am thinking to reduce it rear sprocket by 15%, did someone tried it before?

  • A biKer

    Optimestic about New CB Shine model
    Recently booked new model of CB shine.
    The latest model has following pros s compared to old model.
    a.wider tyres,80 mm (3.1 inch both rear and front) as compared to 2.75 mm
    b.increased stability due to added handle bar wight.
    c.better body graphics.
    d.tubeless tyres for less chances of flat tyres.
    With above upgrade makes shine the best 125 CC bet,however Yamaha ss 125 is also a good choise.

  • Ashar

    its a good bike…but kinda Uncle type…n dude i dont agree with the maximum speed u mentioned…I drove this bike at a speed of 110 Km/hr….though it vibrates…but this much speed can be achieved….

  • Surya

    Discover 125st or shine? But my friend adviced me to go for splendor,hum me hain hero, dhak dhak go. He said splendor can easly reach 90kmh. And its pickup is better than 150cc bikes but lacks top end speed because of 100cc, jet set go. What should i do now? Hamara bajaj or sapne sach or hum me hain hero? Reply fast jet set go