Honda Repsol Engine Oil Launched for Honda Motorcycles & Scooters

Honda Repsol engine oil is a co-branded lubricant for Honda’s scooters and motorcycles in India. We have also shared a direct buying link…

India’s largest manufacturer of scooters – Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India (HMSI), has announced its strategic collaboration with Spain’s largest petroleum company – Repsol, to launch its new range of engine oils in India.

The oil, which will be marketed in India as ‘Honda Repsol MOTO’, will be available for both scooters and motorcycles, in the form of ‘Moto Scooter’ and ‘Moto Biker’ brands, respectively.

Honda has developed this oil in collaboration with Spain’s largest petroleum company – Repsol, and it says it has been tested and recommended by Honda Motor Co. Ltd. Japan, according to the company.

With this oil, Honda claims to provide longer engine life protection, improved fuel-efficiency, low maintenance, and quick start with rapid acceleration, along with deposit-free engine components.

Honda Repsol engine oil
The Honda Repsol oil is available for both motorcycles and scooters…

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The engine oil will be available in two grades – ‘Honda Repsol MOTO BIKER 10W30 MA’ for Honda motorcycles, and ‘Honda Repsol MOTO BIKER 10W30 MB’ for Honda scooters. It will be sold in three different sizes, including 800 ml, 900 ml, and 1000 ml, catering to the needs of different scooters and motorcycles.

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While the company has not mentioned anything about the pricing of the oil in the shared press-release, we can find it at Flipkart where the 900 ml version is priced at Rs 330. You can buy it here.

-Moin Ahmed