Honda Teases Entry ADV: Unveil on 19 Aug; NX200?

Honda NX200 launch will spice up the entry level Adventure segment in India where currently Xpulse 200 is the only player…

Honda is planning to launch a brand new adventure motorcycle. It has also teased it in an official ‘Block Your Date’ mailer for 19 August 2021. We assume the bike to be the rumored NX200 ADV that Honda patented back in April 2021.

In its teaser video, the Jap has showed a glimpse of an ADV-like motorcycle with Honda branding in red-white color scheme cruising through cities and resting on mountainous terrain.

This bike may be an Indian spin-off of the CB190X sold in China, just like what Hornet 180 is of the Chinese CB190. What we may be looking at is an entry-level adventure motorcycle. It is expected to continue with the same 184cc single-cylinder engine producing 17.3 PS of peak power along with max torque of 16.1 Nm.

Honda NX200 launch
The Chinese CBF-190X on which the Indian NX200 could be based…

The bike – potentially Honda NX200, in the teaser video has knuckle guards with indicators etched onto them. It appears to have a decent stock windshield for windblast protection.

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Honda previously had various bikes under the NX lineup and it goes all the way back to the 80s. There have been models such as NX4, NX 250, and NX500 Dominator that Honda sold in the market.

Seeing the rising competition and demand in the ADV segment in India, Honda is trying to leverage that to its benefit by introducing an affordable adventure bike. Currently, Honda already sells 500X in the mid-size segment apart from the top of the line Africa Twin.

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We are sure there will be more teasers before the official launch date along with the possibility of many spy pics that may emerge.