Africa Twin Based Sports Tourer Confirmed: Details Revealed

We may be nearing Honda NT1100 launch. New details reveal its engine specs and many other details…

Honda is working on a beefed-up sports tourer that goes by the name NT1100. Why do I say beefed up? As per some design renders on the internet, the sports tourer looks like a muscular version of the notable Africa Twin which is an adventure tourer.

From some type approval documents, the model has been confirmed and it has been revealed that the Jap is planning to launch two variants of this bike. One goes by the model number NT1100A and the other is called as NT1100D.

The NT1100 will continue with the Africa Twin’s motor with 101 bhp of power and 77 Nm of torque.

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The Honda NT1100A will be a base model and will offer a manual transmission. It will have 1535 mm of wheelbase and 2240 mm in length. This bike will have a kerb weight of 238 kgs.

On the other hand, the NT1100D offers the same dimensions expect the height which is 1575mm that will be due to the taller windscreen. It will weigh 10 kilos more due to the DCT semi-auto gearbox.

Honda NT1100 launch

How About an Africa Twin-Based Tourer…?

Honda is yet to publicly reveal these bikes. We can expect these sports tourers from the Japanese automaker to drop in around the end of 2021 or in the early 2022.

Source: Motorcycle News