New Bike - Honda Dream Yuga Price: INR 44,642

HMSI (Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India ltd.) has launched today its mass market motorcycle Dream Yuga. Dream Yuga has been priced at Rs. 44,642 Ex-showroom Delhi for base version which is bit higher than what market was expecting. Dream Yuga has been positioned slightly below the CB Twister motorcycle which is available at Rs. 45,140 Ex-showroom Delhi.  HMSI aims to sell 3,00,000 units of Dream Yuga in the current financial year.  As reported earlier Honda has also announced Akshay Kumar as its brand ambassador for India.

Honda Dream Yuga is powered by 4-stroke, air cooled, 109cc engine which generates maximum power of 9 bhp@8,000 rpm and maximum torque of 9Nm @ 6000 rpm. It comes with 4 speed transmission and self start as an option. The motorcycle offers 72 KMPL in actual riding conditions as per Honda. It has segment first tubeless tyres.  Apart from this, it has maintenance free battery and vicious air filter similar to Honda CB Twister. The motorcycle looks sober and decent.  The motorcycle will come in three variants. The base version of the bike is priced at Rs. 44,642, the mid version is priced at Rs. 46,134 and the top end variant is priced at Rs. 48,125 (All prices Ex-showroom Delhi)

On the launch event HMSI’s President and CEO Keita Muramatsu said “Honda retained the brand Dream as part of a global strategy that was first launched in 1949. This new bike is very economical with better mileage.

Yadvinder Singh Guleria, operating head for sales and marketing at Honda Motorcycle & Scooter said “We want to sincerely increase our market share in India. We need mass-market products to do that. Our ambition is to be number one in market share by 2020.”

HMSI aims to sell 27.5 lakh units in the financial year 2012-13 compared to 21.07 lakhs unit in the last financial year. Dream Yuga is going to play an important role in the ramping up production beside Honda Activa. Dream Yuga’s pricing suggest that Honda wants to take premium of its brand name.  The motorcycle has been priced 10% higher than what we were expecting. The lower price might have done wonder for Honda but let’s see how Dream Yuga will perform in Indian two wheeler market.

-Mahavir Kothari

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  • tushal

    Worst, expensive products. Honda cars are far better.

  • Hitesh Sharma

    It is a tough time to compare who is the best? The picture is clear after one year past. All bikes are same pattern.

  • dux

    trusted road partner for life time.

  • performance123

    Honda dream yuga vs suzuki Hayate
    As far looks is concerned i would go dream yuga.
    As far as cost is concerned i would prefer suzuki Hayate(Suzuki bike s r cheap and good value for money, where as honda products are overpriced).
    As far as quality is concerned both are almost same but i think suzuki has an upper hand since its their first bike in India with less displacement So i guess theywould have given a best shot to lay a solid basement as they did with a very good product GS-150R.
    As far as service is concerned honda have an upperhand with the large no of SVC s.

  • shan

    its like shine the name only change

  • true

    Suzuki Hayate is almost 4 k cheaper than Honda Yuga. Also, Honda spares are very costly. Suzuki spare parts are much more reasonable compared to honda. Suzuki might have fewer dealers, but even if there is 1 suzuki dealer in town, it is sufficient for service.

    Suzuki Hayate is better value than Honda Yuga or Hero Splendor.
    Suzuki Slingshot is better value than Honda Shine.
    Even Yamaha SS125 is better value than Honda Shine.

    Honda and Hero bikes are very costly, but lack many features. Quality is not extraordinary; it is same as others. It is only brandname, which they exploit.

    All companies source parts from local parts manufacturers. These parts include, seat, sparkplug, self-starter motor, battery, electrical wires, switches, lights, plastic parts, tyres, disc brakes, drum brake shoes, handle, chain, sprocket, shock absorbers, and even wheels. Only the engines are made in-house.

    Quality of Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha is all same. Even TVS bikes are of good quality. Bajaj, i think the new discover bikes are also good.

    • Saran

      True… And most of the parts are supplied by some same local vendors like TVS, Lucas, Bosch, etc,,.. So, all bikes are atleast 75% similar to each other technically…

    • ramk

      suzuki sucks with its service seriously. suzuki slingshot vs shine big joke. I felt the same like you 2 years back and bought slingshot and sold it off recently with its mileage, suspension and more on the service issues. just watch on the road for shines and slingshots and hope you will get the answer.
      suzuki really miss the service back area which is pathetic. do not think all of their vehicles are like GS150R. built is good but your bike will get spoiled in a year by the service guys and mileage drops a lot.
      where I agree or not you agree or not today Honda is the leading company in india for its engine refinement and reliability. yes their price or spares are costly, they are making money on their reputation thats all.

  • Looks so old school and priced too high.

  • Siva

    This bike looks like a crossover between Honda Shine and Honda CB Twister.

    Having Shine’s body and Twister’s engine…… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • mak

    Londa ka Honda…Zero honda. shine with 110 cc at Premium price. are we paying for product or for its brand absdor akshay ? 50crs for 5 yrs ? how about cbr 150. it looks really bland.

  • mak

    and what a bull shit name…dream yuga…LOL. if we have to ask this bike with our frnds, how would we say…bhai teri dream yuga dede……..LOL

  • performance123

    @true : New discover looks good as of now but it gets aged very soon as Bajaj Would modify it within a year.
    Where as all japanese wont do tat

  • karikor

    I think Honda has blundered with the pricing…charging a premium for such a segment is not what anyone who are interested in this segment wants,no matter how good the product maybe. For people buying a basic commuter motorcycle, even Rs.500 does make a difference. So this premium business may not work when you want to establish and penetrate this segment.

    At this price, many customer would not mind spending another couple of thousand bucks and upgrade to a bigger and more contemporary looking bike with all the extra features like the Bajaj Discover 125ST.

    I think Suzuki have had more insight into this segment and have been more considerable than Honda. They were able to launch the Suzuki Hayate at a sticker price of Rs. 40162/- for the base variant, after considering that they had roped in Salman Khan to endorse their product.

    Honda has just launched the Dream Yuga at around or less than a couple thousand than the CB Twister. What they should have done, is to price it atleast 5-6000 lesser than the CB twister if they really wanted to penetrate into this segment and challenge the might of the Splendours / Discovers. I thought the whole idea of Honda ending its collaboration with Hero was so that they could have a free hand at launching products that are basic commuters that are dominating the market even till now. And that has not been accomplished with this Dream Yuga as its just 2000 bucks cheaper than the CB Twister, that is already found for some years in the Honda stables. Well the only sensible thing that Honda should do right now, is launch another motorcyle below the Dream Yuga, say 100 cc, maybe it can be called just Yuga with no dreams and launch it in the sub 40,000 price range. It doesn’t even need to cross the 8 BHP mark, as all the Splendours and Discovers are between 7.4-7.7 BHP. Maybe then Honda can claim a mileage of 100kmpl and actually deliver 75 kmpl and well hopefully then the product will stand a better chance to sell like hot cakes and challenge the might of the Splendours /Passions and Discovers.


    Get a PULSAR !

  • Iqbal

    Bajaj Discover 100 and 125 bikes are the best commuter bikes available in India now. They are the only value for money bikes with self start and NITROX suspension which even Honda shine do not have. Honda and Hero are looting our hard earned money and they are getting benefit and people are loosing. Indians must not forget the logo “Be Indian and buy Indian”

  • Shalu`Sam [SBL]

    What is this,isn’t this a Shine with Twister’s engine..who is gonna buy this bike at this pricing while u can get a Suzuki Hayate with a 112cc engine & also good looks that both college & older people can use…This nothing but Shine or actually Passion…Honda thinks they can sell any useless bike of their in India…well time for them to wake up…Both Suzuki & Yamaha will eat up Honda sales market…just watch this will exactly happen…wrost service,bad engineering just the old name…All pls do understand this & live in the present!

  • AVS

    why bothering about this bike. Let’s compare a few of its competitors. Then decide
    Suzuki slingshot ( 125 cc ) power 8.7 Bhp
    Suzuki hayate ( 110 cc0 Power 8.4 Bhp
    Yamaha YBR ( 110 cc ) Power 7.4 Bhp
    Honda Twister ( 110 cc ) power 9 Bhp
    Honda Dream Yuga ( 110cc ) Power 8.5 Bhp.
    Hero (Honda) Passion pro ( 97cc ) Power 7.8 Bhp

    Which one will u pick?

    Honda’s 110 cc engine ( now used in Twister) is the best in class mill in case of refinement, mileage ( Twister is getting an average of 70 KMPL by many users ), and build quality.
    Hero Passion Pro ( Upcoming Model ) is also using the same twister’s engine due to its great reliability.

  • Sanjay

    Super looks and Honda Engineering. Puncture resistant Tyre cost alone justifies the bike price. End of technically weak splendor and passion.

  • Dinesh

    Not impressed !!!! Looks like Hero Passion +

  • Satyam bajaj

    Discover range of bikes are far better than it’s japanese competetors.

  • janardhanan.s

    hi like this Honda company & i select for the Honda dream Yuga..

  • girish

    ca some body suggest me which bike i should go for
    Bajaj 125 St Or Honda Dream yuga .
    in mumbai

  • Mithun

    I test rode both the Dream Yuga and Hayate, and the price of Dream Yuga is completly not justified. It costs 57000 OTR in Bangalore. The built quality of Hayate is much better than Dream Yuga and as a overall package the Hayate is much better. When you consider OTR prices, the diffrence is huge between Dream Yuga and Hayate. The only plus in Dream Yuga is that the bike feels very light and engine very peppy. Honda has missed an oppurtunity to field a good contender in commuter segment, probably thier over confidence in their brand name. Its Suzuki`s time now..

  • DR.Sreekantha

    Worst in terms of price

  • Balajiselvas

    Hi friends, i have been using Suzuki Hayate for the past 2 months. In the beginning some people argued with me that that why have you bought this bike….and this is not good for the use…after few days the engine may result in fault. And they told me that you should have bought Honda dream yuga which is cost worthy…..After the arguments i went through i was totally confused and disappointed with their speech…But now i really feel happy and lucky to ride my biie Hayate……Now i really say to my friends and the person who told me to buy dream yuga that i ride my Hayate with proud on the road…..Best value for money….’Suzuki Hayate’

    • ramk

      dont be happy so much within 2 months. wait for a year and give your bike to the useless suzuki service people for 3 to 4 times then make some comments here. I wish all the good luck to you balaji. I am a victim of suzuki guys with their slingshot which i sold within 1-1/2 years which creates lot of issues and more of them with their pathetic service personal

      • Roshan


        U ARE TALKING ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE ITS NOT NECESSARY THAT IT WILL HAPPEN WITH THE WORLD PLEASE NOTE THAT , secondly what balaji selvas said is absolutley right HAYATE IS AN SUPERB BIKE IT IS VALUE FOR MONEY BIKE,if you ramk feels that suzuki bikes are not perfect than I TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH YOU. have yu heard of HAYABUSA , are you aware of GXR 1000 , are you aware of INTRUDER if you are not aware than please go learn about these bikes which are second name for sports bike and who makes these bikes. you feel like honda is the only company who is born with technology and all other brans in this worlds are students learning from honda.

    • Roshan

      Balajiselves you decision is perfect for buying this bike. i too have it along with me there are two friends who bought it and they are so happy.So dont you worry as an well wisher believe on suzuki wht product you have brought is the best . i would like to tel you an eg, i had bought intially suzuki access which was very new in market ,durin taht time people use to never speak anything apart from activa, but today if activa has competitor that is only from suzuki access and swish.

  • birendra jena

    i think dream yuga is the best my opinion.

  • diginode

    Actually when petrol price hike, we think about it. now few days it reaches to Rs 100. So economy buyer always gives priority fuel consumptions then comfort and looks and safety. At this point of view CB twister is best millage bike for commutator. Its looks also sporty and comfort is moderate and safety is below good. Normally 100cc segment in economy bike. I am using CB twister which crossed 5000+ km. It’s good pickup, head light and as well as superior in millage. I am now getting 78+ within speed limit 45km/hr. Its safety quite low than other bikes like Yamaha or Suzuki etc.

  • jinam

    I like hayate

  • Mohan.V

    please help to choose bike having following quality.

    1.Good Milleage 60+
    2.Good pickup and power
    3.less maintance
    4.long life with good condition
    5.low cost