Honda Sends ‘Block Your Date’ for 27 Aug; What? Hornet 200R?

Is this the Hornet 200R launch date in India? Or Honda has planned something else. It will be a one hour event for a ‘new excitement’…

Moments back Honda has sent us a Block Your Date invite for August 27, 2020. The time of the program mentioned is between 11:45 AM to 12:45 PM. The only other bit the invite has talked about is…

Get ready to experience a new excitement!

Nothing else, no other text, no teasers!

Going by the term ‘new’ this could be a brand new product launch. Why we say this is because if it had been a BS4 to BS6 upgrade of an existing product, Honda would have simply sent a press release informing about the prices and other details, like it has been doing till now.

Talking about a new product, it could be the speculated Hornet 200R. It is rumored that Honda will ditch the 160cc Hornet and in place it could be upgraded to a bigger near 200cc engine.

Hornet 200R launch date
This CBF190R could be presented as the new Hornet 200R in India…

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The X-Blade already plays in the premium 160cc segment and has received a major price hike, leaving not much of a space for Honda to place the upgraded Hornet 160R. However, a bigger, 200cc Hornet makes sense as it would open a lot of new opportunities for the brand.

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This, then gets linked to the CBF 190R, which Honda has recently patented in India. The 190R is a Chinese-spec motorcycle and if we have to concoct the web, the 190R’s design (and probably engine) may be presented as the new Hornet 200R.

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But then let us be clear – this could be something different – absolutely irrelevant to the Hornet 200R as well. Meanwhile, we are trying to dig deeper…