New Dio 125 Beats Avenis & Fascino in Sales; How a Sticker Can Change Fortunes!

Let us take a quick look at Dio 125 sales in the first three months of its existence here in India and compare them with rivals…

I remember TVS Ntorq and Honda Grazia were introduced around similar time frames in India – that gave us two premium 125cc scooters. The Grazia initially was doing fair bit of sales, however, with time it went out of people’s buying buckets. On the other hand, TVS Ntorq continued to do extremely well and it is one of the strongest brands in the 125cc scooter segment.

Honda went to the boardrooms but instead of creating a new product, it felt, the Grazia still has a lot of potential. It decided to slap the very established Dio’s nameplate on it and voila…. the bigger Dio 125 was born very recently. It carries very similar looks and the exact same engine of the but very interestingly, things appear to be looking positive for Honda.

In the first three months of sales, the Dio 125 has achieved some handsome numbers. Here they are…

Honda Dio 125 Sales

July 20238431 units
August 202313,037 units
September 202314,724 units

If we add all of this, Honda has wholesaled 36,192 units of its Dio 125 – a lot more than Grazia!

dio 125 sales
Dio 125 is a replacement of the Grazia…

Immediate competition comes in the form of the fairly recent Avenis that comes from the house of Suzuki – the largest 125cc scooter seller in the country today. Here are its numbers..

Suzuki Avenis Sales

July7,818 units
August7,678 units
September6,778 units

So, Avenis has achieved total wholesales of 22,274 units during this timeframe – which means the bigger Dio has managed almost 14,000 units more. Okay, let us talk about another competitor – Yamaha Fascino…

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Yamaha Fascino Sales

July 11,710 units
August11,752 units
Fascino12,014 units

In this time period, the stable Fascino has achieved total sales of 35,476 units, which is again marginally lesser than Dio’s numbers.

So, just by changing the nameplate, Honda has managed to revive its 125cc scooter’s fortunes – at least in the first three months of sales. How will things pan out in the future remains to be seen but the established Dio nameplate has done it for Honda. It is now up to the Jap to carry things forward…