Honda December 2021 Sales: Drop Continues

Honda December 2021 sales numbers show a fairly big decline in domestic numbers. But more worrying are those export numbers…

Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India (HMSI) have faced their share of ups and downs when it comes to two-wheeler sales for the last two years, like every other maker. Overall, things appear to be going in the negative for the brand.

Honda have reported a decline in both domestic sales and exports but have achieved good yearly sales numbers. The total sales for the calendar year 2021 stand at 37,81,680 units which are up by 5.67% compared to previous years’ 35,78,648 units.

Honda December 2021 Sales: 

Honda have registered a contraction in sales for the month of December. This pertains to both domestic as well as export numbers. Total sales fell down by almost 15% when compared with its last December’s numbers. 

The domestic sales stood at 2,10,612 units for December 2021, down by 12.99% compared to 2,42,046 units sold in December 2020. Following the same trend, exports registered a significant 38% decline, standing at 13,009 units for December 2021 compared to 20,981 units in December 2020. 

SalesDecember 2021December 2020% Growth

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Month Over Month (MOM) Sales:

SalesDecember 2021November 2021% Growth

Looking at Month over Month sales, Honda have sold a total of 2,23,621 units which is a decline of 20.24% compared to 2,80,381 units in November 2021. Domestic sales declined by 17.78%, registering 2,10,612 units in December 2021 compared to 2,56,170 units in November 2021.

But more worrying is the similar trend for exports. Honda’s exports almost halved registering 13,009 units in December 2021 compared to 24,211 units in November 2021. This is when other makers’ focus on exports is yielding them dividends.