Dear BikeAdvice Readers, here comes the first comprehensive ownership review of the Honda CBR250R on BikeAdvice. I always dreamt of having a bike of my choice right from my early childhood. I was very much into stuff like bikes, cars and all. In other words I loved them to the core.

I started to learn the bike on Pulsar 180 in 2004. That is where my biking history starts. Right from then I have never stopped riding and each day my passion towards bike keeps increasing dramatically.

Booking the CBR250R

The day came when we finally decided after a long research about which bike I should get and finally it was decided its the Honda CBR250R.

It was the end of march when we had decided and booked the bike after considering so many other bikes like the Bullet Classic, Karizma ZMR, Pulsar series and the Ninja.


Just like you and every other reader here, this was the worst period of my biking life. 4 long months writing letters after letters, and making calls after calls to the Honda company and the showroom, finally got my CBR250R on 20th of July.

I had booked the bike in Hubli and after listening to the news that I will be getting the bike, I booked my tickets to Hubli never making a second thought about bunking my college despite of low attendance. The day came when I reached showroom to get the bike and it was really a royal treatment in the showroom for me, as I was the 1st customer to be delivered with the ABS built in.


Lets start of with the most basic aspect any college student would want from his ride. In looks, it has no compromise. Its one of the best looking bikes I have ever seen in this segment.

The body balance right from the head light to the tail grab is superbly done with a great balance making it look like the pearl on the roads.


This is what makes this bike stand out from all the other bikes. Powered with a 250cc single cylinder engine, whit 26 BHP, it has a superb power which anyone can realize by riding the bike for just for a few meters. I found it very very difficult to keep the speed in control while the bike was in the run-in period.

The throttle response is too sensitive and works amazingly. Not to be shocked, the engine alone has 19 patents out of the 22. And, the engine smoothness is as good as any other Hondas engine, very smooth producing a huge power. And also I was getting a very good average of about 35kmpl even before the 1st service.


The bike handles like a flower. Though its too heavy, while riding the rider gets the feeling of being flying in the air with its beautiful aero-dynamics and wind path. The wheelbase is one of the largest in this segment, making the bike very stable. I drove the bike on wet, dry and muddy roads and to my surprise the bike never lost its balance even though I was speeding in the wet and dry roads at high speeds.

While I was a little careful on the muddy roads not able to speed, but still it was a lot stable than the while any other bike would have lost its balance while I was doing 20+ kmph on such places.


There are 2 versions of CBR250R available, the standard version and the Combined-ABS mounted variant.. The standard version costs 1.69 laks on road while the ABS model would cost a 30,000 more, 1.99laks. And I personally feel the ABS is really worth the extra penny making your ride more secure and pleasure.

Special Features of Honda CBR250R

The 1st special thing I observed in this bike was the head lamps (55wt Halogen bulb) are extremely powerful any clearly visible. The credit goes to extreme reflective principle used in this bike.

And also to my surprise while on the dip mode, the lights at the left part of your road is more wide and powerful when compared to the right side, making it very pleasant for the vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

The next interesting thing about this bike is, the speedometer is not connected to the front wheel. Its connected to the ECU and then to the engine and then to the rear wheel making it completely controllable during any emergency breaking.

The dash board looks too good and the clear wing like structure gives it a “flying” like feel while riding the bike. And when you switch on the engine, the RPM needle goes to the max and returns and the digital speedo starts the reverse countdown from 188, making sure the digital display is working correctly.. The engine sensors makes a quick check if there is any fault and makes the bike ready to start the engine.


The C-ABS system gives a 50% breaking pressure on the front wheel when the rear breaks are applied. Overall the ABS system is great. I applied the breaks so hard while riding at 70KMPH and I was amazed by the stopping distance.

Cons of CBR250R

  • The plastic parts used are not of the Honda’s standards and the finishing of the frame and all looks a bit sloppy.
  • A real long waiting period.
  • While riding on wet roads, be sure to have an extra set of shoes and pants as the shoes and the pants become dirty by the water spilling over them.


Overall I am very satisfied with my CBR250R. I love it so much and will continue to do so. It may seem a little expensive at first but just have a look at the market – with some research you will find out that CBR250R is worth the money.

As with all Honda products, it will have excellent resale value and your investment will be justified.

Leave your comments on my review!

Ride safe, ride happy 🙂

– Sharat Aaryan

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  • Sachin

    Hi sharat,great to see first review of CBR.could you tell us what you mean when you say handling is “very heavy”?

  • Sharat

    Thank u guys. 🙂
    N i am sure will give you people another review after the breaking in process is complete and have taken it for a more complex runs in all possible terrains..
    @ Saran- No.. This bike dont have any such option of disabling ABS.. N a stoppe would never be possible on this bike..

  • Prabhat

    I got my bike on 25th of may . It’s really looks great and handles very well. But I don’t think that the engine is smooth as per Honda standard and it’s very difficult to drive in the city due to gearing ratio. You need to be in right gear at right speed specially in the city but in the highway it’s a different story. Initial problems I faced yet are , Coolant leakage, annoying sound from fairing , lots of puncher at rear wheal (going to be replaced by the dealer). Not well trained technician at the dealers . They have striped my bike 3 times but not yet solved the sound coming from the fairing .By the way it is giving around 30-33 kmpl ( mixed driving)

  • wasiF1

    Wish I had one.

  • Shrikant

    Hey folks
    Any realistic view on mileage….?
    As Karizma ZMR is constantly giving the mileage around 35 km / litre.


  • keerthi jay

    Very good and useful review..

  • fas

    Excellent post, excellent pics, excellent bike. YOu are lucky to get it so soon.

  • Amit Beloshe

    What about the performance????
    I really wanted to know more about the bike’s performance and a deep info on the mileage of CRB250. Petrol is very expense now and in some of the survey of CBR250 i have heard that it gives an average of 25kmpl in city road which is way to less than expected. Even Hayabusa gives an average of 18kmpl. Anyways, Its a well written article but would have been more appreciated if it would have given more information on the bike’s performance, Top Speed, Maintenance, Ride feel, Exhaust sound (CRB250 Sounds like a true sports bike!-personal opinion), etc…

  • AVS

    Nice review ……….

  • Thanx for your personal review but i would want u to elaborate in detail a bit more on the comfort level about this bike with regards to the seating position which is slightly inclined forward. Is it suitable for long hours of touring?

    • Sharat Aaryan

      I did tak out the bike for a single stretch of abt 4-5 hrs n also with breaks for abt 8-10 hrs.. I din’t notice any back or butt aches both as a rider n a pillion.. If at al i face any issues regarding this, i wil surely let u know..


    Nice review!

  • manish

    gud review dude but u gotta tell us more of d technical specifications as it is d 1st review of cbr in bikeadvice but still a gud1 n njoy u r ride

  • ramesh bista

    i m still waiting it in my town. bur i thing it can b driven in multilane roads only. it may b hard to drive in crowded and congested roads . if so i will have to give up my desire . any suggestions ?
    and can it be driven in off roads ? suggestions will b appreciated

    • Sharat Aaryan

      Hmm the turning radius of this bike is a bit large compared to normal bikes.. In a single lane road also it can b ridden n has a gr8 maneuvering capability.. Off roading?? Well the suspentions r really gud for that.. Its just the matter of how well the bike is controlled n depends on the riding conditions..

  • Subin

    Cool happy journey.HONDA ROCKS

  • Biju

    Neat review….Please update the forum once u complete 2.5K KM…. Wanted this bike when it was launched….But seeing it personally has put me off…total plastic…Although no comparison with Ninja in performance, Ninja now outscores in looks too…ZMR body + honda 250 cc engine wud have been a blast…

    Enjoy ur ride.!!!!!

    • Sharat Aaryan

      Sure buddy.. Would do that..

  • Pramod Hari

    Congrats on your new great buy..can you let me know the riding position in comparison to RTR/ R15/P220 etc…

    • Sharat Aaryan

      This 1 has a very comfortable riding position with a mixture of up right like the RTR n a sporty position of the R15.. Its very comfortable even for long journeys..

      • Pramod Hari

        Tks my dear friend !!!

  • Pranab

    Dear Biju Who told ZMR body??
    The body is totally different from ZMR, Its all together a different platform.
    And if you compare with Ninja, Ninja has lower low end torque than Honda. and Honda is Dam mm more smoother above 100 speed than Ninja.
    As I am riding Ninja and My Bro took a new Honda.
    Honda is surely going with the tag line – “I ENJOY.”

    Sarat u have given a pretty good review on this.
    And I strongly agree with the Long waiting period as my bro booked it on Feb and he got it after 5 months.
    But its worthy to. 🙂 Happy Riding


    I got my dream machine HONDA CBR 250R (ABS) as i always fond of n dreams to purchase Ducati.
    But for the time being I think I Purchased the best bike in India at this Price. I used to work for the Hero Honda Auto Components and i know what are the Quality Deviation company do but for this bike excepts some very minute variations in plastic parts the over all performance was brilliant.
    earlier i used to ride Hero Honda Splendor then Pulsar….Apache…even Unicorn but Apache was good what i felt but as i looked at the first add in the news paper i decided to get it and then i started gathering its Specifications & Consulting some of my friends who are involved in this project at new plant of HMSI Tapukara, Bewari, rajasthan and I decided to buy it as i assured that the bike is build with great engineering & Quality Parts.
    Most Attracting feature in this bike at this cost is ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) apart from this other features before buying waht i felt was:
    1: Eye catching Aerodynamic looks
    2: In comparison to Ninja its low cost
    3: tyre width which add grip & increases looks.
    after i purchased rather earned this Machine I found:
    1: Butter Like Gear Shifting
    2: great average of 35kmpl
    4: I never felt ABS, u dont believe this man I can stop my bike where i wish, now i can drive at any speed without any fear.
    5: Its lights at night are clearly noticeble even u can comapre it with the lights of car u will find ur machine lighth was more flooded and bright.
    6: its light spreads all over the spread of 1-lane road

    First i thought i would drive it not more than 60 but i while driving i never knew when it crosses 80 km/hr, man u can feel at every release of gear that Ur machine will roll like butter at the same throttle.
    i just completed my 1000 kms at a daily run of 50 kms for Office-home trip.
    Now I will give it for the first Service and see whether the performance was increased or not.
    on more feature I forgot to discuss that u can increase the Central Suspension system according to the riders weight / luggage / road conditions.

    Disappointing part:
    when you were in a very busy traffic and you have to use ore clutch u will feel pain on your arms & palm
    I am confused whether to ride it for long runs or not?

    pl tell your experiences after the First service.

  • Vijesh

    Decent review with really nice pics.. Ride safe.
    Have happy biking 🙂

  • shan

    oh nearly 2 lack tata nano only 1.7 lack. but nano carrying 4 persons with ac japanys very costly.they do day robbery from his customers

    • Abinash

      Naon Stand In its won Position(chicest) and CBR 250 Stands On its own Position (Although not the Highers) Nano Pull Upto 100km/hr and CBR 250 pulls 160km/hr. And A car does never be able to Give the amount of Enjoyment and thrill a Bike can offer. Honda says right” I ENJOY”

  • Abinash

    Good review and Good choice. I wish honda would have added some punchy graphic to it and it should be little bit more edgy.

  • sandy

    as i personally didnt liked the much as it looks likes a twister was abt to take the bike but had taken a baby Ninja as i do already owe CBR 600 rr
    ni ways apni apni choice rehti hai yaaa

  • vivek

    hi sharath
    i live in bangalore and plannnig to buy a new bike
    confused between cbr and new r15 v2
    but the non availability of spare parts and poor service as you pointed is bothering me
    is getting spares and services still a concern??
    reply soon
    t you

    • vishal

      It depends , both are good. I preffered CBR. Just 40K extra , you will get 100cc extra , more fun while riding.

  • valsan

    Cbr250r is a worst bike.
    My pulsar220 is better than this.Nobody can beat me on my pulsar.
    Pulsar rockz..

    • Shubhankar

      Sorry bro, top speed of Pulsar is 145 Km/h, where as Honda cbr 250 top speeds is 165km/h. So do not compare your bike with CBR.

    • charanpreet

      pulsar 220 is also good because it is with raw power of 21bhp, but cbr is great with 26bhp, no camparison of cbr. this is the second fastest in its segment. but if i consider the overall rating then cbr is the best of its segment. fastest os ninja250 but mileage issues. cbr is consistantly giving 35kmpl to me even at top speeds and city rides also.

  • midhush

    hey wat about its milage ….oes it gives a constant of 30 km/lr

  • Minoo Avari

    Letter to Honda by Joe Antony of Kodaikanal:
    17th December 2011
    Honda Motorcycles.

    Dear Sirs,

    TN 57 AY 1455
    I am the owner of a non-ABS CBR 250R. I have the following complaints regarding the above bike:

    1. Rusty Alan nuts, bolts and chain.
    2. Bent rear rim after a few thousand kilometres and not attended to during the second service at Dindigul.
    3. Rider’s seat not affixed properly after service and we had to do this ourselves after the service.
    4. Rear Axle bolt was full of rust and very difficult to open while changing tyre. The reason for this was complete absence of grease (leading to rust) on the axle-rod.
    5. Original fitted Contigo rear-tyre wore out at 4,000 (four thousand) kilometres. Then it developed a bubble and had to be replaced. Obviously not a quality product!
    6. Rear view mirrors loose even after Pre-delivery inspection.

    I am sorry to say I am very disappointed with Honda although the bike is fun to ride and an excellent machine. The above points need to be fine-tuned and Honda dealers should have designated mechanics only for CBR 250 R bikes. I find that they don’t have any idea when confronted with having to service the bike!

    I take this opportunity to wish you a Very Happy New Year and hope that you in turn make 2012 a happy one for CBR riders with excellent service and spare parts which we all expect from a company such as Honda.

    Yours Truly,

    Joe Antony.

  • Pramod

    Dudes i have cbr r abs kl 49 c 555 . I can strongly say to the ones who is thinking to buy the bike . Dont. Coz its a gud bike with lot of requirements . It lacks a lots of things. You can go for ninja or hyosung . Engine of cbr is gud but all other things are not at the standard of honda. The fiber parts tires switches tail lambs chain etc. The exhaust sound is worst its like ordinary 100 cc bikes. Gear speed ratio is very poor coz of tis we will get milage .

  • Minoo Avari

    My CBR 250r with 4000 Kms on the clock and purchased at the end of May 2011, refused to start. It wouldn’t even start on a steep downhill slope in third gear. Honda dealer, Sornam Motors, Dindigul, collected the bike on a Mahindra pickup van. A week later a mechanic rode the bike up to Kodaikanal yesterday and presented me with a bill of Rs. 1971/- (one thousand nine hundred and seventy-one only). The breakdown of the bill is as follows:
    1. Shim, Tappet 2.075 14936 – KT7 013 224.76
    2. Mirror Assy. L Bac 88120 – KYJ – 710 404.23
    3. Clip, snap fit (PO) 90666 – SDA – A01 3.46
    4. Shim, Tappet 1.85 14927 – KT7 – 013 170.69
    5. Shim, Tappet 1.875 14928 – KT7 – 013 224.76
    6. Shim, Tappet 2.05 14935 – KT7 – 013 170.69
    7. Labour charges 772.00
    The agent maintained that the battery was dead and all they had to do was charge it to start the bike. I appreciate the change of rusted bolts and nuts free of cost but…
    My questions are:
    a) The mirror was not broken when the bike was loaded into the van.
    b) Why do shims have to be changed on a bike just seven months old with 4000 Kms on the clock, unless they were defective in the first place?
    c) If the battery was dead, despite my using the bike daily, why didn’t they change it? After all it is still under warranty!
    I strongly feel that Honda needs to reimburse the dealer for this amount and compensate the owner (in this case – me) for un-necessary downtime, mental agony and assume the honourable role that Honda has come to be associated with.
    M.E. Avari
    Sivanadi Road,
    Kodaikanal 624 101,
    Tamil Nadu.
    6th February 2012.

  • navjeet

    hello readers, myself navjeet 6 feet tall weight more than 100 kgs. drove cbr 250r for few kms. sorry to say its like a gainda(rhino) too heavy 169 kgs. i could not find where its power lied. i drove in 3-4 th gear. actually never liked 6 speed gear bikes.
    its was a heavy bullock which i drove. like you i am also very depressed by my findings about the bike. average is below 30 kms/l due to its weight.after the drive it left me amazed where the hell the 25 hp is.? i will most probably go for duke. as i have yet to take its test drive but i am sure it weights only 120 kgs and 25 hp. power to weight ratio is good.

  • Dhruval patel

    Dude…superb review…I want to know tat if I m taking then which is best abs version or STD version?..??…and please justify you answer….please hap me….


    hey,Minoo Avari

    i am from kerala and i am waiting to get my shims replaced soon as they have started to tick tick due to clearance lost
    it happens due to the way you ride,and once clearance checked and shims replaced,it has to be checked again only after 16,000kms

    most people who bought their bikes in india who redline before gear shift get this shim problem within 2000kms
    mine is 1700kms and shims sets not available readily here
    hopes you shift @ 6000-7500rpm and it came only after 4000kms

    also,each shim costs 200rs+tax(VAT)
    your bill was also good
    its not a problem and dealer& service person cares for your bike….appreciate it

  • Manish Kaul

    I got a CBR 250R in Honda Racing Colors (Tricolour). in April 2012. Good bike and great handling you can fulfill your desire of not meeting with an accident when you actually could, so gives you a high. Enjoy

  • rocky

    well cbr250 is a huge bike, i was riding it for a week..and the comfort level is just awsm..but yet being powerd by a 250cc dosent give that grunt when you rip..amd honda should bring in more colour options..nd work on the looks little bit more

  • Dinesh

    Hi sharat i want to buy cbr but i heared that it front mudguard is small so tyre splash mud on radiator, what is the solution?

  • Chinmaya

    Hey sharath excellent work….. Amazing… Cn u help me out im also in search of a bike … A new one a sports bike .. And my maximum budjet is 4 lakh … Nt evn a paise mre… Cn u pls tel me which bike i shld go for .. Pls pls

  • Upkar Singh

    Hey Folks,
    I have a 4months old Honda CBR and for the past 3weeks its at the dealer’s service station. You guys don’t know what piece of shit machinery this is and especially no after sales service support and also no know how given to the Sales Staff or the Service staff who can educate you how to use the bike in the initial days.

    My bike has developed the tick tick sound in just 2 months of riding and before 1500KMs. Its a shame they can’t arrange for spare parts for 2.5 weeks, the service engineer can’t tell me properly what the problem is with the bike sometimes he has to change to the camshafts sometimes the tappets sometimes the whole cam assembly. I don’t know what they are doing. But one thing I made them very clear come what may I am not going to pay a single penny on this do whatever you have to do.

    I am not sure why Minoo paid for that service charges when the bike was still under warranty.

    On the very first day my bike’s neutral indicator and the radiator started giving problem I mean I had just ridden 3Kms away from the showroom after the delivery.


  • yogesh

    Honda CBR 250R Riders… Important Notice From Honda

  • Prem nichlani


    • Prem nichlani

      You can whatsapp me on 9657696608