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It’s been a year and a half since Honda had launched one of its brilliant Masterpieces, The Honda CBR250R, which created a huge wave not just in India, but also around the world. And later on followed the CBR150R, the younger brother of the 250R to the Indian market with new colors and outstanding build quality. Well now it is the turn of the bigger brother to get more aggressive as Honda has officially announced all 4 new colors to the CBR250R. The new colors are Black, Red, Pearl White/ Blue/Red and Honda’s favourite REPSOL color. The new colors looks brilliant and will attract more buyers and bike lovers, especially those who always wanted a REPSOL, what better can you expect?

And personally being the CBR owner, I really wish I had all these colors when Honda launched this bike in 2011. I might have had to spend more time deciding on the color than on the amount of time I had taken to zero down – which bike.. 😉 But on the downside, it doesn’t seem like an upgrade and other than the new colors, nothing else has changed. Anyways, what do you guys feel about the new colors on the CBR250R??

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Sharat Aryan

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  1. I have the Unicorn version of Repsol color launched as limited version in 2007. Gives me a feel of riding a MotoGP bike and makes people wonder if this bike was really factory fitted this way! 🙂

  2. They should also include an option for stickier MRF radial tyres apart from the woody-hard ContiGo tyres.Black alloys should have been default from the start.maybe a small bump in the rev celing?Another variant with stiffer USD forks would also be welcome.

  3. The KTM is way better in looks and quality and is a sure shot VFM option. The KTM has an international feel to it, the CBR simply looks like an obese ZMR.

    • I’m a CBR owner (you’ve read and commented on my ownership review), and I’m inclined to agree with you on some points. On others, not so much.

      Quality wise, everything is good on the CBR except the black tail area. The rusty components issue that was present in the very first batch of CBRs has been solved. But I think its HMSI and not Honda international that has to be blamed for this. You will not find these low quality parts in the US, or Germany, or even Thailand for that matter.

      The Duke on the other hand is something that’s being manufactured by Bajaj for the world, so they can’t afford to slack on quality like they do on the Pulsars. They’ll get their a**es kicked by KTM if they do. This also explains why the duke costs about 1.4 lakhs in spite of being all plastic.

      Looks wise, I think the KTM’s tail light is the best in our country, and it’s overall looks and dimensions, while small, are still very nice and chunky. But I can’t say the same for the side profile. It looks too skinny and flimsy in my opinion, and the all plastic body does not help. I know our country’s pop-culture obsession with size zero supermodel stuff, but we’re talking about motorcycles here, so people need to grow up. I think in side profile and rear 3/4 views, the CBR scores way higher in terms of road presence. Besides, it’s a sport tourer, so it needs to be built the way it is for stability reasons. Try riding a Duke at 140 km/h with crosswinds all over the place, and you’ll understand why the CBR looks the way it does. At 154 km/h, there was not as much as a squeak from the CBR. From experience.

      And no, I don’t buy the ‘obese’ thing people just love to baselessly throw around these days. Not for a second. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that the CBR is in fact dimensionally and visually more compact than the ZMR. I know because I’ve stood them side by side and compared. Have you?

      Regarding the ‘international’ feel of the KTM, that’s because it is in fact ‘international’ right now. No one has seen a KTM in our country before, while bikes like the CBR and the Ninja have been around a while. Give it a few years, or for that matter, just a few more months. I promise you, the Duke won’t look and feel so ‘international’ to you anymore.

      Long story short, please refrain from bad-mouthing products you haven’t spent time researching and can’t relate to just because you’re biased, and more importantly, please learn to see beyond the fantastical veil of illusions that Bajaj has spun in front of your eyes. Talk about mass hypnosis. Cheers!

      • @Vinay, CBR 250R and KTM Duke 200 are of different categories. While you feel doing 140 kmph on duke is hell with all the crosswinds, I think one can enjoy like hell even at 20 kmph on duke. 2 days back I saw a KTM Duke rider jumping his bike over a small speed braker while he is doing barely 20 kmph. The bike was completely off from the ground. I wondered how many stunts can one do if this bike is ridden in rough terrain. Contrary to this, cbr is a good sports tourer and it is ideal for long distance touring. For city bursts, stunts and super fun riding, I prefer KTM duke any day.

        I am looking to change my apache in the coming January. I have both cbr 250 and duke 200 in my wishlist. I would take duke right away if it suited me. The tall seat height is somewhat deterrent as I am 5.5 feet in height. But CBR 250 feels comfortable to me. I am still in confusion.

      • @ Nitin, haha man you’re telling me the same thing I said, but in a roundabout way. Please read my comment again to understand my intention! I too think that the KTM is an awesome bike, but the CBR is more suited to my needs and mentality, so I went ahead and got one. Simply put, I was more in love with the CBR than I was with the Duke. Your case is the other way round. I don’t think the Duke has that high a seat. You should just go ahead and get it. I’m sure you’ll get used to the seat height/riding position within a week.

      • And I say that with confidence because, before I bought the CBR, I was under the impression that I’d be sacrificing agility and in-city ride-ability in favour of a big and powerful highway tourer. You’d be surprised to know that I’m flinging it around like a toy in the city every day I take it out. It’s surprisingly and incredibly fun to ride once you tame it and get used to the apparent (but false) feeling of bulk that it emanates.

        Anyway, point is, you’ll get used to the Duke too, in time.

  4. Help needed to book a repsol edition.
    I’m from TN.
    Yesterday i went to book a honda CBR 250R repsol edition. All the show room Sales manager said that no new colors for cbr 250r and manager told me not to believe internet news. I disagreed with him and came home.
    How do i prove him that 2013 honda cbr 250r is coming in repsol color and make him to book for the repsol edition ?


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