Reactions on Honda CB500X Launch: Let’s See What Bikers Have to Say…

We list the various Honda CB500X reactions from biking enthusiasts. However, almost all of them say in unison – ‘it is overpriced’!

Well, CB500 siblings were expected in India since the last many years. It was actually a, kind of, surprise that Honda introduced one of them here without creating any kind of hype. And that may have to do with the expectations that the company may have set for itself with the CB500X.

Nonetheless, there were many responses from enthusiasts – most of them wanted it, inherently, however, they had the same gripe – its price! Let us list what people had to say on the 500X…

Honda CB500X Reactions

Swagat Patasahani sarcastically said,

Yes, it was so awaited that its better to keep it in showrooms only, or Honda can donate it to B schools, as a case study for, “How not to price a product, when you are already late in product launches!!

Veeresh Vishwakarma said,

This thing is already dead before delivering because of it’s high price 🧐 tag

Another reader Mahesh Saraswat called it ‘Dead on Arrival’. He said,

Dead on arrival.. with that kind of money, you can buy a KTM adventure and Duke both at the same time

Vishal Divekar said,

Hahah Honda makes us laugh always with its pricing

Another enthusiast Shubh Anshuman also said sarcastically

5.5 was expected but now it’s overpriced. If Honda doesn’t want to sell these model, it’s better they keep launching ACTIVA Multi G models

Then there were a few who were comparing and suggesting other motorcycles..

Ronnie B said,

Few more and u get a triple r or trident frm triumph. Or inline four by Honda

Mahohar Filby Chettri added,

Vstorme was already available.

Gowtham Karthik Sukumar said,

Would buy a second hand Triumph for that price tag

People also included Kawasaki 650s – Ninja, Z and the competition Versys 650 to the comparison list. Few users also talked about the direct rival TRK502.

Honda CB350 Averaging 3000+ Units a Month; Higher Than Himalayan

Basically, Honda is importing the CB500X in India as CKDs (completely knocked down units) which means it attracts higher taxes than local manufacturing. On this, another user Soham Chowdhary said,

Too expensive for a 500cc. Hopefully honda will make a plan to built it in India to offer us a lower price.

Honda CB350 Recalled for Gearbox Issue

It will be interesting to see how will bikers respond to this dual cylinder mid-sizer and how many units can it garner. Do you agree with these people or do you feel it is decently priced…?

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