OFFICIAL: After CB300F Honda CEO Confirms Another 300-350cc; CB300X…?

We hope it turns out to be an ADV (likely name CB300X?). Honda CB300X launch timeline has also been revealed by the CEO…

It is evident that there are a lot of volumes in the premium sports segment in India that can broadly be classified as motorcycles between 200-500cc priced in the range of Rs 1.5 to 3 Lakh. However, to succeed here manufacturers will have to locally make these models in India since price is a very big consideration.

Along with others, Honda has also understood this and it has created not one but two different platforms in the 300-350cc segment that are being developed in India and cater to two different audience set. One of them – the 350cc platform spawns retro motorcycles and has in sight the massive Royal Enfield customer base. The Jap has been fairly successful in that segment already.

The other one is the very recently unveiled 300 platform that spawns the CB300F – a streetfighter that targets the modern buyers.

In conversation with a portal, Honda’s Managing Director and CEO, Atsushi Ogata has revealed that the company is working on another model in the 300-350cc segment. He did not divulge any specific details or whether it will be a motorcycle or scooter.

Next year, we will also introduce a new model in the 300-350cc category.

Honda CB300X launch
Can the upcoming 300 be an ADV…?

But if you ask us, it will most probably, be a motorcycle on the new 300 platform. There are two options as we believe – a faired sports motorcycle and an ADV. We hope it turns out to be an ADV – a segment that is so much in demand today. And with the kind of brilliant low and mid range this 292cc single cylinder has, it will fit perfectly for an ADV like application.

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The timeline given by Mr Ogata is for next year and we believe it will only come once Honda settles down with the current CB300F. We have ridden the new platform and you can check out our review in the following video to know how good (or bad) it is…