Has the Price Cut on Honda CB300R Increased Its Sales?

Let us discuss Honda CB300R sales after its price slash last October. Has the reduction in price tag helped it gain some extra numbers…?

Apart from the Honda CB300F, Honda also sells the CB300R roadster in India. Though they are placed broadly around the similar displacement, they are different motorcycles and do not share platforms. This is because the CB300R is an international model and hence, is a fairly costly preposition. The F, on the other hand, is a locally made motorcycle – which is what will carry forward the near 300 legacy for Honda in the country going forward.

Late last year, Honda announced major price slashes across both the models. We have discussed sales of the new CB300F here. In this story, let us talk about the numbers the CB300R has achieved since then.

cb300r sales
The CB300R may not become a very high seller in India simply because rivals are offering much better value in their motorcycles…

Honda CB300R Sales

Oct 2023147
Nov 2023363
Dec 20230
Jan 2024380
Feb 2024219
Mar 2024189
Apr 2024147

During all those ups and downs, the CB300R managed total dispatches of 1445 units in the last seven months – which is an average of almost 210 units a month – not a far cry from the 250 units a month for the much cheaper CB300F. To me this suggests that a fairly big bunch of buyers are willing to spend more for that premium platform from Honda. Or this could also be read as lack of interest in the local platform.

Overall, the naked 300s gave Honda total sales of more than 3300 units in the last seven months – at an average of almost 240 units. The next question is – has that price slash of Rs 37000 helped CB300R gain some numbers?

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I casually checked sales for a similar period last year ie from November 2022 to April 2023 and Honda managed to sell 500 units in three months – with zero dispatches in the remaining three. Honda seems to juggle production between variants and that could be the reason for such numbers.

Even if we count only the months where we can see dispatches, then Honda had a monthly run rate of roughly 170 units – which means that, though not very big, there has been an increase in both – the interest and sales of the roadster.

Why the CB300R may never see high numbers in India is simply because even at the reduced price, it is still costlier than many motorcycles that are bigger and more powerful. Interestingly, rivals are not just coming under local brands, we now have motorcycles from international biggies like Triumph and Harley that offer a lot better value than the Jap!