Exclusive: How Is Honda CB300F Doing After Official Price Slash?

Honda CB300F sales story after the big price slash? How is the street naked doing in the market? I list first eight months sales data..

Honda debuted the made-in-India CB300F in 2022. Based on a locally made platform that was different, and supposedly cheaper than the already existing CB300R, the street naked was expected to be affordable. However. Honda offered it at steep prices of around Rs 2.30 Lakh. The motorcycle clearly did not have the ammo to justify that price tag – and I was pretty vocal in announcing that back when I tested it first in Hyderabad.

You can check out my official review that lists the pros and cons of the motorcycle below.

Sense prevailed and Honda woke up! The 2024 CB300F was launched at a fairly aggressive price tag of Rs 1.70 Lakh ex-showroom in September 2023. At such a moniker, it undercuts the Pulsar RS200, Karizma XMR and even some variants of the much smaller Yamaha MT-15. So, how have things been for the CB300F in its new avatar? Let us list some numbers…

Honda CB300F Sales

Sep 2023124
Oct 2023288
Nov 2023164
Dec 2023407
Jan 2024285
Feb 2024308
Mar 2024232
Apr 2024204

As you can see, clearly the motorcycle has made inroads in the segment, despite being written off initially. It has done slightly over 2000 unit sales (2012 units to be precise) in the first eight months of its second innings – which gives it an average of roughly 250 units a month.

Honda cb300f sales
The CB300F looks pretty aggressive when viewed in person. However, the problem is that many people may mistake it as the Hornet 180…

These may not be very high numbers for the price the product is available at, but these will definitely be much better than before – when Honda overestimated its offering severely. The good thing is – Honda sticks to its products and I believe CB300F, when given some time and betterments, could go onto become a fairly good seller for the Jap in the years to come.

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In the next story, I will compare F’s sales with its sibling R that also received an update around a similar timeframe. Which one do you think will do well in the longer run, in terms of sales…?

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